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1985 Counterpoint Opus II

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1985 Counterpoint Opus II (like Bilenky Viewpoint or Hase Pino) - The tandem now known as the Bilenky Viewpoint was originally developed by Jim Weaver back in 1982 and originally called the Counterpoint Opus I. The bikes were fabricated by Dennis Bushnell and there were several generations: Opus I, II, III, IV & V. Jim granted Bilenky Cycle Works of Philadelphia, PA a license to produce the "Counterpoint" design and they subsequently improved on the original design and marketed their version as the Viewpoint.

For sale is a Counterpoint Opus II from 1985. It includes a number of updates for maintenance and modernization including replacing chains and some chain rings, replacing the seat mesh. It also includes a vendor-made "mid-ship" rack which I believe would be a $300 to $400 accessory for a modern Viewpoint. An old frame-pack custom made to fit behind the stoker seat is included as well.

The bike is fun to ride. My favorite way to use it was to attach a Burley Piccolo trailer bike to it and use it as a triplet! In this design, I took my kids on bike tours, overnight trips and adventures like riding 22 miles to get ice cream in another town and riding bike. It uses rim brakes and a third "drag brake". Those always did the job to slow us down, even when used as a triplet, fully loaded or hilly terrain. For my family, the kids could start reaching the pedals when they were about 10 years old. We are selling it because it we liked it so much we bought a newer model, which we continue to ride regularly.

Asking price is $1300.

Bike is located in Bloomington, Indiana. Local pickup or buyer pays for packing and shipping.

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