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Place an Ad for a Used Tandem Bike or Tandem Bike Component

Ads for tandem bikes, accessories and components on the TandemClassifieds.com website are FREE. Your ad will usually be listed on the website 1-3 business days after you submit it.

The Basics

  1. Send an email with a description and photos of the tandem bike, component or accessory you want to sell.
  2. Be sure to include an Ad ID Photo.
  3. In order to send the email, please review the terms and conditions of this website displayed near the bottom of this page.

Ad ID Photo Details

Sample Ad ID Photo
  1. Your Ad ID is the first five characters of your email address.
  2. Print your Ad ID in large letters on a piece of paper. Print the date on the same piece of paper.
  3. Place the paper behind the spokes of the bike's front wheel so it can be seen through the spokes.
  4. Take a picture of the whole front wheel and the front of your bike, with the paper, Ad ID and date showing through the spokes. (See the sample Ad ID Photo.)
  5. If you're advertising a component, partially cover the Ad ID paper with part of your component.

Other Notes

  1. Please include your asking price, general location, payment and shipping preferences. *** Ads not including this information will not be posted.
  2. Instead of sending photos by email, you are welcome to email a link to any popular photo-sharing website.
  3. You're also welcome to send links to eBay auctions, Craigslist or similar ads for your bike or component.
  4. The contact information listed in your ad can be your email, your phone, or a link to your Craigslist ad... your choice. Your Ad ID is the same, regardless.
  5. Unless you live in a LARGE metropolitan area, local pickup only bikes will not sell quickly or possibly at all. There are some great shipping options these days, https://www.shipbikes.com/ being one of them. Shipping a bike can be as simple as dropping it off at a local bike shop and letting the buyer handle payment for packaging and shipping with the shop.
  6. Please email when your item has sold for your ad to be removed.
  7. TandemClassifieds operates off the generosity of its members. Please consider contributing when listing or after the sale of your bike. Thank you!

To Send an Email, Please Review the Terms and Conditions Below

By accessing this website and/or placing an ad on this website and/or selling or buying a product displayed on this website, you agree that no one associated with the TandemClassifieds.com website is responsible for the accuracy of the descriptions, the usefulness of the items or the success of the sale of any product displayed on this website. The descriptions and usefulness of the items on this website are strictly the responsibility of the person who provided the descriptions. The success of the sale of any product displayed on this website is strictly the responsibility of the seller and the buyer. Both are cautioned to carefully verify the legitimacy of any potential sale. No one associated with the TandemClassifieds.com website verifies the product descriptions or the legitimacy of any buyer or seller.