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Burley Bossa Nova

Date: May 9      Ad ID: goode

This Burley Bossa Nova was made by Burley in Eugene, OR out of True Temper 1130 Chromoly tubing probably from around 1992. I believe I am the second owner having purchased it in 2004. The bike has always been stored inside and reasonably well maintained. Black paint job has age marks as we all do, but there is no damage, and the bike works well. We have recently replaced it with a newer tandem.

We bought it to ride with children using the child stoker kit which is included in this sale. The bike is great for a child from around 6 to 12 years old, depending on height and maturity. Since children outgrew it, the two of us have ridden it, with the child stoker kit removed.

In our case the captain is 6'1", and the adult stoker is 5'1". The frame is well sized for the captain, but a little large for the stoker. It worked for us, but there's no room for a shock absorbing seat post for the stoker.



I have serviced the eccentric bottom bracket two times as it eventually begins to slide to the right. Otherwise no significant work has been needed on the bike for 17 years.

In summary, it isn't the prettiest tandem on the road, and it will give you a workout every time you put it on a roof rack, but it is a great and reliable bicycle. Some of my fondest memories are of organized 100k rides with a child on the back who was just chatting with all the adult riders who passed us on the up hills and then we screamed by on the downhills.

Price: $800.

I have a tandem shipping carboard box and will pack the tandem for shipment by UPS. Buyer pays for shipping charges on top of the bicycle price, or we can arrange to pick up bicycle in the Charlotte, NC area.

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