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2012 da Vinci Global Venture with S&S Couplers

Date: December 13      Ad ID: WE33I

My wife and I purchased this 2012 Da Vinci Global Venture in September of 2012, after having one of our best vacations ever, which included a tandem ride through the French countryside. It was such a wonderful experience that we wanted to do more tandem riding around the US as well as Italy. Tragically, she passed away in late 2015. Our son and I took the tandem on a ride in early 2016, and that's the last time it has been ridden. It's been sitting in the garage all this time, but I haven't been able to bring myself to part with it.

Last week, as we were unpacking Christmas decorations stored in the garage, the tandem was right in my face, and for the first time in five years, I didn't have a pang of sadness when I looked at it. Since my new partner is 5'10", this Large/Small frame isn't the proper fit for us, and it's time to give this beautiful bike a new home.

I'm 6' tall, my late wife was 5'2", and this large captain and small stoker sized frame was a wonderful fit for us. It was also excellent for rides with my son when he was younger (he's in college now). The da Vinci independent coasting system was ideal, as I was riding 8-10 hours a week back then, so I was always pedaling, and pushing it hard. Both my son and late wife did not ride, other than on the tandem with me, so being able to take a break from pedaling, and not having to worry about keeping up with my cadence, made riding this tandem a breeze.

So if you want to go ride with your child, or if your partner's height is greatly different than your own, or one of you wants to hammer on and the other take in the scenery, this is the perfect tandem for you. Even if you don't have any plans to fly with the tandem, the S&S couplers allow the tandem to be disassembled, so it can fit into a small space, like a car trunk. It makes for much easier transportation.

The tandem is in excellent condition. It has less than 700 miles and only one small chip on the top tube and dent in front downtube. It was never ridden on wet pavement and it looks, shifts, and rides like brand new.

The bike is also advertised on Craigslist.

The same setup on a new da Vinci Joint Venture would cost $9,040, and I'm asking $5,499.

The bike is located near Tallahassee, FL. I will cooperate with shipping arranged by and paid for by the buyer.

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