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Burley Duet - Price Reduced

Date: October 6      Ad ID: carson

The time has come to say goodbye to an old friend. She's been hanging in our garage with very little use since 2012 and has not been ridden at all since 2015. We had hoped to get back into riding after retirement, but my back surgeon says not unless I want a third surgery. I'm now looking for a recumbent single.

She's a '94 Burley Duet champagne in color and named Bubbles. The frame size is 23 captain / 20 stoker (admiral). The only original parts are the captain's seat post, stoker's handlebars and the crank arms. Mechanically she is perfect (really) but has had touch up paint particularly due to chain drop before I installed the chain watcher and shark fin. We haven't had a single riding spill, but there were a couple of tip-overs when I could not click out of the pedals fast enough!

She is geared 54/44/24 front and 34-12 cassette. Everything is included but the bells.

Price is $800 plus any shipping and insurance (TBD), OR we can meet you halfway, depending upon your location from Bismarck ND.

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