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Ibis "Cousin It" - Medium

Date: June 9      Ad ID: Adam

It's hard to know where to start on this bike. It is a 90's vintage handmade steel tandem with a wicked paint job. It was sold as a "do everything" bike, with four wheels, two sets of drop bars and two sets of mountain bikes bars. It's hard to imagine anyone doing something like that today! Awesome quality. For instance, all four hubs are by Phil Woods. Incredible!

I bought this bike from a head mechanic at a local shop that was selling it for a customer who was the original purchaser, so I wound up with everything. That includes the product literature, etc. Although I knew keeping it stock would be somebody's desire at some time, I wanted a tandem for the riding we do which is all-weather and neither drop-bar hauling nor grinding mtb riding but right in the middle. So, I swapped out the brakes, put on a raised captain's handlebar, some nice fat Scwalbe Mondials tires (not cheap!) and some fenders. It also had a complete overhaul, everything came off and was cleaned, lubed, and put back on.

It is an amazing bike. It turns heads. It rides great, but it is just too small for me. I'm 6' - wife (stoker) is 5' - so finding a bike to accomodate us is not easy. If you are looking for a medium/small or medium/medium this should fit you well. The stated size is 19"/17" - see the associated literature image with the frame dimensions. This frame is the one depicted in that literature.

What you see is what you get, EXCEPT the Selle An-Atomica captain's seat - that stays with me.

Price: $1,300.

Buyer picks it up in Boise, ID (ideally) or pays packing/shipping to wherever they want.

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