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Burley Rock 'n Roll'

April 25

I have a mid-90s Burley Rock 'n Roll tandem for sale. It is set up with drop bars bars, and it's a great bike.

Asking $950.

The bike is located in the Baltimore, MD area.

For more information please send a text to 4{Won!]0-(Fore}99-6{ZeRo]43.


Santana Elan

April 24

This Santana tandem Elan has wheels with Phil Wood hubs that are almost new. It also has a new Arai drum brake.

The current Captain is 5'9", and the stoker is 5'4"

I have installed straight bars but will include the original drop bars. The original pedals are included. The saddles are not included.

Price: $1,000.

The bike is located in the Boston, MA area. Local pick up only.

The bike is also advertised on Craigslist.

For more information please Send an Email. (victor {dot] manela [at} gmail [dot) com)

Davidson Tandem

April 24

Davidson is a local Seattle frame builder, building high quality bikes for 30 years. This tandem was fully tuned in March of 2018. This included full tuning and lubing of the bike. The shifting and braking were adjusted, and both tires and inner tubes were replaced. The work was done at Montlake Bicycle Shop in Seattle. The total for all this was $375.

The bike is a joy to ride, although a future owner may decide to replace the rear rim as it has a small flat spot.

Approximate measurements:

Price: $1,500.

The bike is located in the Seattle, WA area. Local pick up, or I will cooperate with shipping arranged and paid by the buyer.

For more information please call 2[Oh!}6-66(zErO]-5[Ate*}46 or Send an Email. (diwhitfield [at} comcast [dot) net)

Tandem Wheelset... 40H... 26""

April 24

This 48H wheelset has new Sun Rhyno Lite 700c rims with new stainless Sapim 14 guage spokes. The hubs are lightly used, with very smooth cartridge bearings. They are frrom a school system tandem where the youngsters dinged the original rims yet failed to put any real mileage on these hubs. Call me and I'll elaborate.

My wheels are round, tight and of uniform spoke tension. I've 10+ yrs building bike wheels. I'm a retired guy who had to learn to "roll his own" as getting it done RIGHT locally was problematic. I take pride in assembling wheels that last. Call me, and I'll detail the history of the hubs and inspection time if shipped. I'm glad to also visit on what makes the bike wheel strong and durable. I do build wheels to order for most all bikes. I do not work with carbon components though.

I recently sold two rear wheels here and had good feedback from the buyers.

Price: $295, plus actual cost of shipping.

For more information please call call 7(One}5-3[fore!}7-2{tree]70 or Send an Email (coldclimatedaylilyculture [at} gmail {dot) com).

2005 Cannondale Road Tandem

April 19

We have a new tandem on the way in two to three weeks and are putting our Cannondale tandem up for sale. The bike will be available for sale May 1, 2018 give or take.

We bought it brand new from Clarksville Schwinn, our local bike shop. They specialize in Cannondale. We are the original owners. Most maintenance was done by Bob Peters at Clarksville Schwinn or myself. The bike is in great condition and features a Rolf Prima Tandem Wheelset that was first ridden in 2010. The wheelset was $900 new.

Condition: VERY Good. It's an eye-catching blue fade color. There are some expected paint blemishes and similar on a few areas of the frame. The handlebars when turned all the way can touch the frame, and there is a blemish for this contact on each side. They are small and not real noticeable. Also, from chain falling on inside, there are chain scrapes on chainstay between frame and small chainring. Now there is a chain guard there to help keep this from happening. There is the expected general wear overall. See the photos.

Miles Ridden: 8,761
Miles on Rolf Wheelset: 6,890

Size: Medium / Small. It will fit Captains from about 5ft 2in to 5ft 10in or so (28in standover). It will fit Stokers from about 5ft to 5ft 9in or so (26in standover).

Items not included in sell of bike (but in photos):

Price: $1,500.

The bike is located in Jeffersonville, IN. I prefer local pickup. However, if someone is willing to setup the entire delivery process, I'll consider it, but I'm doubtful it would be cost effective.

For more information please Send an Email. (woodcycl [at} gmail [dot) com)

1987 Santana Arriva S - Price Reduced

April 19

I have owned this tandem since new. I purchased it to enjoy fast, flat centuries, and it was great! With a strong partner, everyone wants to try and hang with you! Now, this isn't the lightest tandem out there, but you will be glad this bike is as solid as it gets. When you have a long down hill, the last thing you want is a bike that twitches and scares you!

Leaving the wheel suckers gasping for air is worth it! Ask yourself, "How fast do you want to go?"

When I bought bike, I was told the Arriva "S" is rare, and that the frame is a Sovereign road bike with a Shimano groupo, instead of the Campagnolo component package.

The bike has never been wrecked, and it has been stored inside.

This tandem has less than 500 miles on it since new!

I am seeing prices from $3,000 and up to the moon on new road tandems. My price is $1,000 or best offer!

I am in Cincinnati, OH. Cash, and it's yours. No shipping.

For more information please contact Mark at 51three-31five-208seven or Send an Email. (mlimke4247 [at} yahoo [dot) com)

Kidz Tandem

April 18

This Brown Cycles Yellow KidzTandem Bicycle with Cargo Rack Accessory is in very good condition. It's a 2015 model.

The KidzTandem is a great bike for those looking for a fun way to get their kids actively involved in cycling. Piloted from the back seat by the adult, the KidzTandem gives the child up front an unobstructed view of things as they approach.

The kid's front seat is fully adjustable. The saddle can be dropped down nearly to the frame and the Satori EZ stem adjusts to bring the bars to the child. Dismounting is easy for kids since the adult holds up the bike and the center kickstand is very sturdy.

The one-size-fits-most geometry is comfortable with what amounts to a 17" mountain bike frame in the back with a 23" standover height, combined with an adjustable stem, makes this bike height-compliant for a wide range of people from the not-so-tall to those over 6'.

Once they're riding their own bikes, hook up a basket for cargo!



Front rider limit: approx 100 lbs./ 5' tall.

Price: $1,150.

The bike is located in Newton, MA. Local pickups are great, and I will cooperate with shipping arranged by and paid by the buyer. I have a local bike shop that will box it and help out with shipping to another bike shop or the buyer's home.

For more information please Send an Email (joeyraff [at} gmail {dot) com).


Franklin Tandem - Custom Steel Tandem

April 17

This is a very nice Franklin Tandem that was handmade in Ohio. The bike is in excellent shape and is very light for a tandem. The frame is solid with just a few superficial scratches.

The size is medium/large: Designed to fit a captain roughtly 5'7" to about 6''. The stoker should be about 4'11' to 5'6'.

The build is very solid and reliable with nothing fancy:

The tires have some life left, but could use replacing soon. The components are installed, but it will need the have the cables adjusted, etc. because of how thoroughly its packed.

The scoop: I bought the frame in Columbus, Ohio and shipped it to Alex Meade (www.alexmeade.com) to install S&S couplers. It turns out the bottom tube is ever-so-slightly ovalized, so couplers can't be installed. The seller failed to notice the oval tube when asked about it. Since couples cannot be used on the bike, it doesn't fit our needs, but it might fits yours very nicely!

Price: $900 for the complete bike or $500 for the frame only. This is a very nice steel bike, and I feel it's worth more than this.

The bike is professionally packed in a tandem box and ready to ship via BikeFlights. Buyer pays shipping. For reference, I paid $75 to ship from Ohio to Massachusetts. They're very reasonable!

For more information, please call seven 6 3-Five 1 6- [too) 7 {fore} 2 or Send an Email (andrewfischer9 (at] gmail (dot} com).

Bike Bag: Bike Pro USA

April 13

This is a canvas Bike Pro USA bike bag that mounts on the rear of your bike. It mounts onto the bike rack. It has a front mesh pouch and a side pouch. It zips open with an extension that will accommodate larger items such as a bike jackets. Size is: 12" x 12" x 7-1/2". It is 6" deep, and the top will extend to an additional 6-3/4".

All of the zippers work. It was only used twice on our tandem and is in excellent condition.

I have also advertised this bag on Craigslist

Price: $40.00.

The bag is near Cleveland, OH. Cash payment and local pickup or email me to make shipping arrangements. The shipper pays charges.

For more information please Send an Email (vaidehi531 [at} yahoo {dot) com).

ATOC Tandem Topper

April 13

This ingenious model TT-076 ATOC Tandem Topper roof mount allows one person to solo load a tandem bike on their car's roof rack (not included). It is ATOC's most popular model, and it fits all traditional tandems and LWB recumbents, including the Rans Screamer. The ATOC is compatible with Thule (square bars) and Yakima (round bars).

Maximum Wheel Base: 76"; Minimum Load Bar Spacing: 22"

This rack has been lightly used and is in excellent condition. It is also great for caring a solo bicycle.

Retail Price: $440.

Sale: asking $250.

Pick up in Binghamton, NY.

For more information, please Send an Email (jgallowa (at] stny {dot] rr (dot} com).

Cannondale Tandem

April 10

This vintage Cannondale road tandem is an early model to be sure - straight out of the 80s. The bike is totally roadworthy, and the paint, frame and components are in superb condition! The rear rim was replaced, but the balance of the bike we believe is 100% original but for the seats and rear platform rack.

The bike has Shimano Diore XT components, like-new Gatorskin tires, bar-end shifters and 3X6 gearing. I'm not sure of the frame size, but I can take measurements at your request.

I have four tandems for just my wife and I, and I just need to make some room. This vintage Cannondale is fun to ride but would also make a great display piece for your shop, restaurant or business where biking is a way of life. There are almost zero blemishes on this frame and paint. I have many more images. You won't find another 80s Cannondale in this kind of condition!

Price: $1,100, although I would consider an offer.

The location is Tomahawk, WI. Pickup only, unless you happen to live in Wisconsin.

For more information, please call (do not text) 7{Won)5-5(fiVe]1-11(Nyne}5 or Send an Email (rross [dot} qrp (at] gmail (dot} com).

2013 Bike Friday Tandem Traveler XL

April 10

This 2013 Tandem Traveler XL is a Model 3 XL Traveler Sport Tour 24. The frame is extra light cro-moly tubing, painted canary yellow and sized for a tall captain position rider and a stoker position that accommodates adults or children. The components are top rated and include both flat and drop front handlebars and rear handlebar extenders for young children.

The tandem fits in two airline-acceptable Samsonite cases that double as a pull-behind travel trailer. The bike and all components and accessories are in like-new condition, with under 500 total miles.

Price: asking $2,900.

For more information, please Send an Email (davidricfogs (at] gmail (dot} com).

Co-Motion Periscope Torpedo

April 9

We are selling our Co-Motion tandem for someone to enjoy. I custom built this tandem for our family to enjoy, but we just haven't ever used it. My wife and I rode 100 miles on it in one tandem rally, and we haven't ridden it since.

The periscope feature allows anyone to ride in the rear, from small children to full grown men. This tandem is in absolutely new condition and a simply a beautiful bike.

I had Co-Motion custom make the frame to use the Enve fork and also utilize a 135 rear axle spacing to have a wider selection of wheels to use. I then went out trying to build the bike with as many "Made in the USA" parts I could find. I had the da Vinci cranks custom made with 3 hole locations to move the crank length for any size rider. Wickwerks chainrings are made in the USA and shift amazing. Thompson seatposts and Selle Anatomica saddles make a great combo of comfort and longevity. The shift cables are custom made, just for this bike, by Power Cordz, in a matching blue color. The end result was a great bike, but it was impossible to find all USA components. I used Campy Record group to add style and great shifting. Braking is handled in the back by a TRP Hy/Rd caliper and the front with Avid BB7. The bike stops on a dime.

Overall weight I think was about 32lbs. It's very light for a tandem. The new owner will be more than thrilled to ride this machine. It looks and rides absolutely amazing.

Price: asking $4,500 shipped.

For more information, please Send an Email (robbiblanc (at] gmail (dot} com).


Co-Motion Quad - Price Reduced

April 4

I am selling my 2004 CoMotion quad. It has yellow to green to maroon fade paint and is in very good condition. On a scale of 1 to 10, this bike is 8.5-9.0. It has just a few small paint scrapes. This bike was always stored in the house. It was transported inside a Chrysler minivan.

The top tube slopes uniformly from a captain's stand over height of 30" to tail gunner's 22.5". It is 55 cm from the center of the captain's cranks to the top of the seat tube collar. Tail gunner's seat tube is 33.5 cm from center of crank to the top of the collar. The captain's cranks are 175's. The rest are all 170's. The cranks in the #2 spot are drilled and tapped at 145 for children. The sloping top tube makes this a great bike for smaller children.

The bike has flat handlebars in the captain's cockpit with Avid 3x9 shifters. Everyone else has bull horns. There are rim brakes in front and an Avid disc brake in the rear.

I had tons of fun with the grandkids on this bike!

Price: Asking $3,750 but am open to offers.

I am willing to travel a reasonable distance from northwest Iowa to deliver or meet.

For more information, please call 712-two two five-2[fore!}03 or Send an Email (debndennisbush (at] @evertek (dot} net).

Santana Beyond - Price Reduced

April 4

I'm selling our like new Santana Beyond carbon fiber tandem bicycle. Here is your chance to own a carbon tandem with classic tandem lines, as the Beyond is on Santana's discontinued list. The bike has low, low miles. It has always been stored in the house. It's a beautiful bike!

The captain position measures 55 cm from the top of the seat post collar to the center of the crank spindle with it rotated to the bottom of the bottom bracket. The stoker's measures 48.5 cm.

The frame has the mounting lug for a disc brake and the rear wheel has the adapter.

The Beyond measures 55 cm from the captain's seat tube to the steer tube. It measures 69 cm from the captain's seat tube to the stoker's seat tube. Both of these measurements are center to center. There is a 2.7 cm spacer between the headset and the captain's stem. The captain's stem is 70 mm with a 6 degree rise. Both seat post collars extend 3 cm above the top tube. The frame geometry is stock Santana.

I'm asking $6,000. Compare that to Santana's new carbon bike!

For more information please Send an Email (debndennisbush [at} 'evertek {dot) net).

2015 Co-Motion Speedster

April 4

For sale is a lightly used 2015 Co-Motion Speedster Tandem. We purchased it new in March 2016 and put about 500 miles on. It is in excellent condition.

The Speedster is the standard for what a touring tandem should be. Reliable, strong and stable enough to handle any epic self-supported expedition you can dream of. This bike has proven itself over the years on many roads over many continents. Start planning your next adventure.

Handmade in the USA; Reynolds 631 air-hardened, zonally butted steel tandem tubing frame; Hand built Velocity Dyad/DT Swiss 540 wheels; 700c wheels with rack and fender mounts; Dual disc brakes and Shimano Ultegra Kit; Size Large (56/46); <750 miles;


Extras: Cateye computer and a Bontrager rack.

Available: Thule 558P car top rack.

Price $3,950.

The bike is located in NH. I prefer local pick up, after which you could take it for a nice ride along the NH seacoast before heading home. If that is not possible, I will cooperate with shipping arranged for and paid by buyer.

For more information and pictures call or text 603.three.nine.seven-seven-three-two-four.

Santana Arriva with Couplers

April 4

This 1996 Santana Arriva is a great touring tandem, and it is in like-new condition. The segmented frame has couplers that unscrew with a provided wrench for shipping. Zippered bags work great for air, sea, car, or train travel. The frame fits Captains with a 32" (59 cm) inseam, Stokers with a 29" (52cm) inseam.

The bike has a 24 speed drivetrain. Major upgrades include:

This a terrific ride. It's perfect for California roads!

Price: $1,500.

For more information please Send an Email (thrive1 [at} gmail {dot) com).

Co-Motion Periscope Trident Price Reduced

April 3

We purchased this 2017 Co-Motion Periscope Trident new in March, 2017. Then we took it on an 8,000 mile Cross Country Bike Tour. Now are looking to sell this wonderful bike as we won't need this bike configuration again. It works great and is perfect for family biking.


More details can be obtained from the Co-Motion Website.

Price: $4,499.

The bike is currently in Houston, TX. Local pick up, or shipping to the lower 48 states is estimated to be $300 to include professional packaging by a local bike shop.

For more information please Send an Email (nathanial (dot} watson [at} gmail {dot) com).

2003 Co-Motion Speedster

March 19

We have enjoyed this 2003 Co-Motion Speedster tandem for the past 5 years. We are getting a tandem with couplers so we can travel a little easier.

Price: $2,000.

For more information please Send an Email (cwgreer4 [at} gmail {dot) com).


Co-Motion Disk Brake Fork

March 16

I'm selling a Co-Motion disc brake fork. It was used on two rides and is like brand new. The steerer is 1-1/8", and the length is 235mm.

Price: I bought this new for $395 in 2017. I will sell if for $220, including shipping

For more information please call Randy at 9{ate*]9-3(fIVe}8-(won)768 or Send an Email (mini_z_2000 [at} yahoo {dot) com).

Rodriguez Custom Tandem

March 13

My wife and I have decided, after many years of great fun riding our tandem bike, to sell it. We'd like another couple to be able to enjoy it as we have.

It was custom built for us by Angel Rodriguez in about 1980 and is a work of art. Clearly, technology has marched on and I have upgraded most of the components such that it is very close to current technological standards.

Frame: The frame is all Reynolds 531 Chrome-molly tubing fillet brazed with silver solder. The workmanship is truly as much art as it is functional. Angel Rodriguez is one of the finest tandem builders ever and he made it to our specifications. The top tube is oval shaped to provide stiff later stability.

Frame Size: Rather than give a frame size, I'll give you a size range for captain and stoker. I am 5' 7" and my wife is 5' 2". I think a captain between 5' 5" and 5' 8" can be accommodated and a stoker between 5' 0" and 5' 5" can be accommodated.

Fork: Fork has heavy-duty crown and fork legs.

Crankset: The crankset is Sugino Forged Tandem and is a recent upgrade. Arms are 170mm

Bottom Brackets: Bottom Brackets are Phil Wood sealed bearing which I consider to be the best ever produced. They are standard square taper. The front BB can be adjusted via an eccentric to adjust the synchronizer chain tension.

Pedals: Pedals are Shimano XT PD-M785 SPD and are a recent upgrade.

Front Derailleur: front derailleur is Shimano Sora Triple. This is an upgrade.

Rear Derailleur: Rear derailleur is Shimano Deore XT 7 Speed. This is an upgrade.

Shifters/Brake Levers: Shifters are Shimano Sora SIS Indexed. This is an upgrade.

Freewheel: Freewheel is 7 Speed. This is an upgrade.

Chains: Chains are Wippermann Conex.

Hubs: Hubs are Phil Wood sealed bearing tandem with solid axles. 48H These are the best hubs ever designed for tandems.

Spokes: The spokes are DT Swiss straight 14 gauge (48/wheel).

Rims: Rims are 27" Wolber (F) and Mistral (R) heavy duty with reinforced spoke holes.

Tires: Tires are Continental Gator Skin with almost no tread wear. 27" x 32mm.

Brakes: Brakes are Rodriguez Big Squeeze Tandem Cantilever front and rear rim brakes. These are an upgrade. Front and rear have inline quick-releases. Also, there is a Phil Wood front disc brake for use as a drag brake on steep hills.

Headset: Headset is Campagnolo Record Tandem headset.

Handlebars: Front handlebars are Grand Randoneur bend 135mm drop bars. Rear handlebars are Profile Design Stoker bullhorn 185mm. Both are upgrades.

Stem: Stem is TTT Tandem 135mm. This is an upgrade.

Saddles: Front saddle is Selle SMP Evolution (can be swapped for WTB). Rear is Selle SMP Gel.

Seat Posts: Seat posts are American Classic (very nice). These are upgrades.

Paint: The bike is painted with DuPont Imron paint: Sky Blue Metalic. It has very few imperfections like chips or scratches.

Gearing: Gearing is 3 x 7 (21 speed). 54, 44, 28, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 24, 28.

Price: I paid over $3,000 for this bike in about 1980. I'm selling it for $1,700.

For more information please Send an Email (azav8or [at} gmail {dot) com).

Advanced Transportation Double Vision

March 5

This 1998 Double Vision Tandem Recumbent bicycle by Advanced Transportation is in very good condition. It has a 21-speed drivetrain.

The sale includes a variety of useful and valuable accessories:

Price: $1,975.

The bike is located in the Sebring, FL area. Local pick up only.

For more information, please Send an Email (steveslaybaugh (at] hotmail.com (dot} net).

Want to Buy - Co-Motion Periscope

February 26

We're looking for a Co-Motion Periscope. Our goal is for our 4-year-old to ride with me during our tour later this year. It is OK if the bike needs a little work as we would like to customize it to our touring needs.

We are located in Minneapolis, MN.

Please Send an Email (asiljenberg (at] gmail {dot) com).

2016 Co-Motion Speedster - Roof Rack Included

February 21

This is a beautiful example of a Co-Motion Tandem Bicycle made in Eugene, OR. It was purchased new from Portland Bike Gallery for a bit over $5000. There has been just one owner, and it has less than 150 miles on it! The bike is ready to roll!

The front tube measures 52cm; Rear tube measures 42cm.

This sale includes a Yakima Sidewinder tandem rooftop car rack.

We are selling the bike because we are relocating soon.

Price: Asking $3,200.

The bike is located in the Portland, OR area.

For more information, please Send an Email (joedavid436 (at] yahoo {dot) com).

Cannondale MT1000

February 2

I am the second owner of this fun Cannondale MT1000, and it is original except for the captain's stem, front derailleur (Ultegra,) and tires (Specialized Armadillo Sport, 26 x 1.75).

The bike is in very, very nice shape for its age, with just one scuff across the top tube.

I'm 5'8"+ and my girlfriend (stoker) is 5'4"+ and it fits us well. I believe it's a 17.5"/16".

Price: $900 - all offers considered.

The bike is located in New York state. Local pickup is available, and due to its size, encouraged, or buyer to pay to for shipping, and the bike will be professionally packed.

Please let me know if you need anything additional. Call 5[Won}6.65*ate).3(ZeRo]91 or Send an Email (stillgoodwood (at] gmail {dot) com).


Co-Motion Primera 2002

January 31


This Co-Motion Primera has chromoly steel frame and size is small/small (21/18). It has a custom Shape Shifter paint job and was built in 2002 (according to the serial number). The paint has just a few dings and scratches.

I have replaced the crankset, BB and front brake. I rode less than 200 miles after replacing these parts.

Items included (and shown in the pictures):

Pedals are not included

Price: $800

Buyer for pays shipping/packing. Alternately, the tandem is located in the Loveland, OH area for local pick up.

For more information, please Send an Email (furima [dot} cinci (at] gmail {dot) com).

1985 Santana Arriva

January 31

This 1985 Santana Arriva is for sale by the orignal owner. It's the perfect tandem for small couple or with a kid on the back.

I'm not sure of the exact size specifications, but I'm 5'7", and my stoker is 5'2". The bike is about 22" front, 19" rear - size small .

The bike has always been keep inside and has barely been used for the past 10 years. It was purchased directly from the Ridgewood NJ bike shop.

The bike is beautifully constructed and fillet brazed, showing a level of workmanship rarely seen on tandems any more.

Extras included in this sale:

This bike has an amazingly stable ride. It was clocked at 53 mph on a long down hill!

Price: $1,000 - including all of the extras!

The bike is in the Riverdale section of the Bronx - Local pick up only.

For more information, please call 7{One]8-6(OH!)1-43[Too]7 or Send an Email.

Santana Sovereign

January 30

This is an early Santana Sovereign for sale by the original owners. It has the early style double plate fork crown and Ishiwata Tandem Tubing. The bike is beautifully constructed and fillet brazed, showing a level of workmanship rarely seen on tandems any more.

The bike has been updated and upgraded with index bar end shifters and Suntour derailleurs, 36 hole Mavic wheels with Phil hubs and Specialized tandem cranks. It was repainted in salmon color by Elliott Bay Bikes in Seattle.

This Santana has a double diamond frame style due to the small size of 20.5" by 19.5".

It has never dropped or crashed. It was ridden extensively, but always meticulously cared for. Health issue forces a sale.

Price: $1,500

The bike is located on Bainbridge Island, WA (98110). Buyer pays packing and shipping.

For more information please call 2//zero//6-8FOUR2-8\\ONEnine\\2 or TWO06-7**FIVE**5-29//five//1 or Send an Email.

Want to Buy - Cannondale MT

January 25

We're looking for a Cannondale MT in Medium/Small or 18/16. We live in NJ

Please Send an Email (verticalrabbit (at] gmail {dot) com).

Co-Motion Triple Custom

January 15


Here is your chance to own a Co-Motion Custom Triple Tandem bicycle. She is 10½ feet long in total, with a 98"/ 249cm frame, and she is in excellent condition. We used a sign rail in the bed of our pick up to transport her!

We're only selling her due to a captain injury. Our loss is your gain. We love this bike!

Price: $3,000.

The bike is located in the Lansing, MI area. Local pick up, or we are open to delivery arranged by and paid for by the buyer.

For more information please Send an Email (jtrasmussen [at} live {dot) com).

Santana Triple Tandem

January 4

This Santana Triple has 27 speeds and is in excellent condition.

Price: $3,800.

The bike is located in Hurricane, WV. Local pick up only.

For more information please call Steve at 3*ZeRo]4-5(fIVe}0-03(fore!}5 or Send an Email (sdramey1114 [at} gmail {dot) net).


Rolf Prima Tandem Wheels

December 18

Here is a very low mileage set of Rolf Prima Tandem wheels. I bought these for my Calfee Tandem, but they are set up for disc brakes, and I'm set up with a drum brake on my frame, so these won't work for me. They are in excellent condition. They are 145mm spacing on the rear.

The combination of lighter rotating weight and almost never needing to be tuned makes these a super upgrade to any tandem team!

Price: $600 OBO - price new is $1,199. See more information on the Rolf Website.

For more information please call 3(*won}0-7{too!]0-85{ZeRo)9 or Send an Email (Toddokino [at} gmail {dot) com).

Bilenky Sterling

December 7

I have a Bilenkey Sterling tandem for sale. It is circa 1994. The size is 24.5" x 20".

Spare stoker drop bars included.

Hard sided, plastic airline travel case included!! ($900 value)

Price: $2,000.

The bike is located in Maine. Buyer pays shipping.

The bike is also advertised on Craigslist.

For more information please contact Whit at 2*Zero}7-2(Tree]0-4{Fore!]59 or Send an Email (jwrand1 [at} gmail {dot) com).

Ibis Cousin It

December 7

This Ibis Cousin It tandem was built around 1995. It is size 23"/21".

Price: $2,300.

The bike is located in Maine. Buyer pays shipping.

The bike is also advertised on Craigslist.

For more information please contact Whit at 2*Zero}7-2(Tree]0-4{Fore!]59 or Send an Email (jwrand1 [at} gmail {dot) com).

Calfee Frame

December 6

I have a large/medium Calfee Dragonfly tandem frame available for immediate purchase. Don't want to wait the 10-14 weeks for a new Dragonfly Tandem. Here is a tandem ready for purchase!

The frame geometry was based around the TRP CX 12TA Fork. The fork can be included for an extra $550.

The frame is disc brake compatible front and rear.

No decals have been applied, but they will come with your purchase. Your choice of white, black, or silver.

Pricing Breakdown

Total = $9495. BRING OFFER!

For more information please call 2(Oh!}6-35(*One*]-35{sEvEn)3 or Send an Email (Laura [at} gibraltarusa {dot) com).

Santana Fusion

November 29

This Santana Fusion has 26" tires and a disk brake in rear. It is like new, with only 200 miles on the bike.

Price: $3,000. I paid $5,000 when I ordered it.

The bike is located in Abingdon, VA.

The bike is also advertised on Craigslist.

For more information please Send an Email (Chris {dot) Rehak [at} radfordva {dot) gov).

Bike Friday Triple Tandem Traveler

November 27

This is an incredibly unique triple that fits a wide range of stokers. It's such a versatile bike: Two adults, one adult and one child; Two adults and one child; One adult and two children; Three adults, or ride it as a two-seat tandem... It can do anything! The small wheels make it surprisingly easy to handle and fun to ride.

We bought this for my two young boys to ride as stokers. The youngest started riding when he was two with a seat back that is available as well. Now we have two other tandems, so we don't really need another road bike. I'm selling this to finance an off-road tandem, but we will be very sad to let it go.

The Schwalbe Mrathon tires are almost brand new. The bike also has a Chris King headset, Ultegra shifters, SRAM DualDrive rear hub, Arai drumbrake with Avid cantilever brakes. It even comes with two hard cases for travel if you have the luxury to do so.

Price: I'm asking $2,500.

The bike is located in Fort Wayne, IN.

For more information please Send an Email (jlcordes [at} gmail {dot) com).


ATOC Tandem Topper with Yakima Rails

November 2

This ATOC Tandem Topper comes complete with Yakima rails. Everything is in great condition.

There is more information on the ATOC Website.

Price: Must sell, Best Offer!

For more information please call 3(Zero]3-4{Ate]9-29[Oh)0 or Send an Email (kjordan [at} cfsdenver {dot) com).

Burley Rock 'n Roll

October 17

This small frame Burley Rock-n-Roll is a 2000 model. It has been well maintained and kept indoors. We are the original owners. It has a great metallic cinnamon paint.

Price: $1,200.

The bike is located in San Diego, CA. I will cooperate with shipping arranged and paid by the buyer.

For more information, please Send an Email. (sstravel {at] san (dot] rr {dot] com)

Rodriguez Tandem

October 10

I have a gorgeous custom handmade Rodriquez tandem bicycle I am looking to sell! To be completely honest, I don't know a ton about the bike, other than it was handmade for my parents for their honeymoon down the Oregon coast in the late 80s and has since been idly waiting in our garage! It was custom made for them. My dad is 6'0 and my mom is 5'8.

Price: $1,000 or best offer.

The bike is located in the Seattle, WA area.

For more information, please Email. (choateka {at] icloud (dot] com)

Santana Sovereign Triplet

September 28

The Big Bike! Large Captain, med/large Stokers. This is a great bike for families, because it can be set up for three pedaling kid stokers. I even hauled a fourth kid in a trailer!

Price: $3,800.

The bike is located in the Nashville, TN area. I will be glad to negotiate shipping arrangements with a prospective buyer.

For more information please Send an Email. (rlhurt16 {at] gmail (dot] com)

Custom Co-Motion Macchiato

September 28

I have an amazing 2008 Co-Motion Custom Macchiato for sale. It's beautiful, unique, light and fast – under 28 lbs. The bike is in a class of its own, and it is designed for speed. This 2008 show model was purchased directly from Tandems East in 2014.

Asking $5,000.

The bike is located in Augusta, GA.

For more information, please Send an Email. (dtammy197 [at} gmail [dot) com)

Want to Buy - Calfee Tandem with Couplers

September 19

I'm looking for a large-small or medium-small Calfee or comparable quality tandem with couplers.

I'm located in Shaker Heights, OH.


Please send information by Email (bbixenstine (at] gmail {dot) com).


Santana Sovereign

September 12

This is probably one of the most stunning examples of a tandem this vintage you will ever see. It's a Santana Sovereign size 56X53 with full Shimano Deore XT, and the crank arms are both 165mm.

The current owners put 50 miles on it, and it has always been stored inside. Everything on it is original including the tires. You'll have a hard time walking away from this bike just because of its beauty, condition and craftsmanship. The welds are just awesome to look at. The paint is stunning and almost flawless with gloss that is deep and rich. The bike comes with the original sales receipt dated 5-11-1989.

Price: $900.

The bike is in West Haven, UT. Local pick up, or I can assist with shipping the tandem. Boxing the bike up will be $60 performed by local bike shop. Shipping cost will be actual to the lower 48 states.

For more information or more hi-res pictures, please Send an Email. (jberenyi [at} barnesaero [dot) com)

da Vinci Global Venture

September 12

Get ready for adventure with this da Vinci Tandem Global Venture. It has S&S couplers for easy disassembly and packing and shipping. Two airline sized travel cases are included in the sale. This is a unique bike!

The 26" wheels are good in a wide variety of conditions, and da Vinci's unique independent coasting system lets one rider relax while the other continues pedaling. The bike was recently updated with a new front shifter, all new cables and new chains.

The bike was first sold about 2005. It has not been in any accidents, but it does have minor scuffs and wear. The current captain is 5'9".

Price: $2,950.

The bike can be viewed in San Diego or Los Angeles, CA. Shipping can be arranged.

For more information please Send an Email. (clight1a [at} gmail [dot) com)

Burley Rumba

September 6

This 1999 Burley Rumba has a 19/21 stand over height.

Pedals not included.

Price: $1,400.

The tandem is located in Peru, IN. I will work with the buyer to ship at their expense. My local bike shop will help in this.

For more information please Send an Email. (crbetz85 [at} gmail [dot) com)

Want to Buy - Co-Motion Co-Pilot Tandem

August 29

I'm looking for a Co-Motion Co-Pilot tandem that is size large/large or large/medium.

I'll also consider other tandems that have couplers.


Please text to 5(*won*}9-3Send an Email (lehmann {dot} joseph (at] gmail {dot) com).

2004 Co-Motion Primera Co-Pilot

August 24

This is a 2004 "tuned up, like new and ready to ride" Co-Motion Primera Co-Pilot. The bike has never been wrecked and it has been stored inside.

Price: $1,800 or best offer.

I am located in Murray KY (western KY - 2 hrs from Nashville). I will handle shipping and packing that is paid for by the buyer.

For more information please call David at !Too!70-(ate}32-3{Nyne}30 or Send an Email. (dsadventures [at} twc [dot) com)

1995 Los Dos Cannondale Mountain Bike

August 23

I have for sale this barely ridden 1995 Los Dos Cannondale mountain bike. The color is mostly purple with a fade to green. It has seen less than 200 miles in its lifetime.

It was purchased in Indianapolis at Chico's bicycle shop brand new. I inherited it from a family member in Indiana and have had it for over ten years. I have 10 other bikes to maintain, so I just don't use it and don't want to store it anymore. It has been regularly tuned up and cleaned and is in perfect working order. It has some scratches but no dings, chips or dents. It is aluminum alloy frame, 26 inch wheels. Here are the specifics:

Price: $1,600.

The bike is in the El Paso, TX area. Local pick up, or I will arrange shipping paid by buyer.

For more information please Send an Email. (pricelawhons [at} gmail [dot) com)


1991 Santana Noventa - Upgraded Wheels - 3x9 Drivetrain

August 23

This 1991 Santana Noventa tandem is a nice blue color. It has a Nivachrome (niobium vanadium) oversize thinwall tubeset with beautiful butted fillet-brazed joints (Not TIG welded like most bikes).

The bike is size Medium, with a 32" standover height for the Captain and 30.5" standover for the Stoker. The frame size is 22" front and 20.5" rear. I'm 5'-5", and my stoker is 5'-4", and the bike is just a little too big for us.

The shifters and rear derailleur are new Shimano Sora 3500 STI. The drive side chain is also new, and the bike has less than 500 miles since I upgraded it from a 7 speed drivetrain to 9 speeds.

The bike is excellent mechanically, and the paint has a few minor chips here and there.


Price: $1,250.

The bike is located in Richardson, TX. Local pickup preferred, but I'm willing to discuss having the bike shipped by Richardson Bike Mart, who is the local Santana dealer. You can call them and get an estimate for packing and shipping.

For more information please call or text Chris at *Fore}69-7(tree}3-(Too!]576 or Send an Email. (merzcm [at} hotmail [dot) com)

Bike Friday Family Tandem Traveler

August 22

This Bike Friday Family Tandem Traveler is easily adjustable for different size riders and growing children. It disassembles (suitcases not included) for easy packing. It has 20" wheels and a SRAM Dual Drive internal hub with 24 speeds.

The bike has low mileage and was used mostly around town. It was stored indoors and is in excellent condition with just some cosmetic wear. The original papers and manual are included in the sale.

Price: $1,000.

This bike is located in the Keene, NH area. Local pick up only.

For more information, please Send an Email. (jgenest {at) ne (dot) rr (dot} com ).

Co-Motion Macchiato

August 8
Photo of a Co-Motion Periscope Trident Tandem Bike For Sale

This 2009 Co-Motion Macchiato aluminum frame tandem is size medium/small. Captain's top tube: 570mm; seat tube 540mm; stand over 798mm. Stoker seat tube: 410mm; stand over 697mm.

The bike is in very good condition, and it it is equipped with:

Price: $3,500 or OBO.

The bike is located in Grand Junction, CO.

More photos available upon request! Please call Gordon at 9{sEvEn]0-46[Too)-559(Ate*) or Send an Email. (gjgoodlife {at] icloud |dot} com ).

Bike Friday Family Tandem

July 25

This Bike Friday Family Tandem was built 2016 and was ridden less than 800 miles during the past year. This tandem travels! It's been to Italy, France, Corsica and the San Juan Islands and Seattle's North West Tandem Rally in 2017. It has an excellent ride and it's lots of fun! For just $2,700 this nearly new bike and travel cases can be part of your next adventure!

This tandem has the SRAM Dual Drive Disc 3X 8/9 rear hub which together with the SRAM 11-32 9 speed SRAM PG950 makes for an excellent range for all kinds of terrain.

Our riding team measures 5'9" for the captain and 5'3" for the stoker. There is plenty of additional adjustability. This tandem has AVID FR-5 disc brakes front and back, which provide superior stopping. We have added Brooks saddles for touring comfort and a Thudbuster Suspension Seatpost for even more comfort for the stoker. To provide a more upright riding position for us, we added Bike Friday's cargo handle bars. The Enno Orange paint job adds to the appearance of the bike. We also added the Topeak disk rear rack with the Topeka rear bag that converts to panniers as needed.

We purchased the bike for $3,000 before adding the following upgrades:

Price: $2,700.

For more information, please Send an Email. (twoonthree {at] gmail |dot} com ).

Santana Arriva - 2016 Model!

July 24

Last year my son guided a visually and hearing impaired athlete in two triathlons. Unfortunately my son can not guide his this year, and the visually and hearing impaired athlete got funding for a bike. My wife and I have ridden this bike a few times, but we need to sell it.

The bike is a 2016 Santana Arriva. It has black paint, and it is size medium. See the Santana website for sizing information.

The bike is in excellent condition.

Price: $2,200.

Local pick up, or I will have it boxed at the local bike shop and ship it a buyer's expense.

For more information, please Send an Email. (jake [dot) blky {at] gmail |dot} com ).

2003 Santana Fusion S&S Couplers

July 17

This bike has only been half way around the world. It's battle scarred but well maintained. The bike has some dings, but nothing is broken or worn out. All it needs is a new home!

The handlebars can be converted for a more upright riding position if desired.

I'm an industry professional and am now riding recumbents.

Price: $2,500.

The bike is located in the Portland, OR area. Local pick up or shipping is available.

For more information please Send an Email (teamblueberry [at} hotmail {dot) com).


Spectrum Cycle Tandem

July 17

Built in 2008 by Tom Kellogg's Spectrum Cycles, this tandem is built for the road, a 30 speed jewel of both mechanical harmony and visual artistry. The tubing is aircraft grade alloy for rigidity and lightness. Kellogg only builds one Tandem per year.

Gearing is from 29-130 gear inches in about 3 point increments, allowing your team to always be in the perfect place in your power curve. Brakes and gearing are Shimano, with a Phil Wood drag brake under separate handlebar thumb control.

Pilot should be 5'10" to 6'3", stoker 5'4" to 6'4". The bike was originally built for wife and son-in-law (a 6'4" NFL player). The bike has only 100 original miles. The pilot had knees replaced, end of the ride...

For serious and strong pair, the top of the line, only bike you'll ever want or need.

Originally 10k+, replacement today, $15k.

Price: $8,500.

This beautiful bike is located in North Plainfield, NJ. I prefer local pick up, or I will cooperate with shipping arranged for and paid by buyer.

For more information please call 573-six2zero-threezero14 or Send an Email.


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