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Santana Visa, Steel Frame Tandem, Size Large - Ad ID KAYAKF

November 1

This Santana Visa has a steel frame tandem, and it is size large. It has been professionally upgraded and customized. The sale includes a cartop tandem carrier and many extras!

I'm going to explain why you would rather pay $1,100 for this tandem when you could pay $600 for a more recent steel tandem, or get a lighter tandem with a ten or eleven speed cassette for the same money or not too much more. Tandems have problems. There are problems with the shifting. There are problems with the braking. Gear systems wear out very fast and cost a lot of money to replace. Things break. Wheels don't stay true. And some frames are poorly designed. This tandem doesn't have any of those problems. I've been a professional bicycle mechanic for 50 years. I've addressed those problems in this tandem. Some of them were addressed by careful shopping when I bought it. Santana was the first tandem maker to make really top notch, well designed frames. The wheels in this tandem were strong and well designed from the outset. But many of the other problems I mentioned have had to be addressed by me.

Let's begin with a discussion of tandem rear wheels. Weak rear wheels are a problem with all derailleur bicycles, not just tandems. The gear cassette on the right side of the rear wheel is situated where the right hub flange ought to be, so the hub flange is moved toward the center of the wheel, which means that the right side spokes must be overtightened and the left side spokes must be undertightened to pull the rim to center. Santana uses wider spacing (160 mm) between the dropouts of their frames in order to move the hub nearer to the center of the frame, thereby substantially reducing the spoke tension disparity, which makes a much stronger, more stable wheel. However that moves the chainline to the right, which means that the front chainrings are too far to the left. So the crank spindle is made longer to restore the chainline. But that means that the front derailleur has to travel further to the right to make the shifts, which affects the actuation ratio. That means that the indexed front shift lever doesn't work very well. I fixed that by using bar end shifters. The front shift lever is unindexed, so it shifts very well.

Brakes are a problem on a tandem. This tandem uses linear pull caliper brakes. They are light and powerful, though under tandem loads they can overheat the rims on long descents—more about that in a moment. When we got this tandem it came with combined brake/shift levers, and with Travel Agent cable adapters. Travel Agent cable adaptors work to match the cable pull requirements of the brake/shift levers (designed for road bicycles) with the cable pull requirements of the brake calipers (designed for mountain bicycles). Although the adapters work well when properly adjusted, they are difficult to adjust, and they lose their adjustment with brake pad wear. Unfortunately, they lose their leverage suddenly and dramatically when the brake pads wear too much. We lost nearly all of our stopping power on a steep hill, in a busy street. We never used the Travel Agents again. We got properly selected road brake levers matched to the cable pull requirements of the calipers. Now the brakes are reliable and easy to adjust. I've also augmented the rigidity of the rim calipers by adding brake boosters on the front and rear. I mentioned the problem of rim heat on long descents. We ruined a rim by putting too much heat and pressure into it on a fifteen mile descent with frequent hairpin turns. So I added an Arai drum brake and gave control of it to the stoker. We use the Arai drum brake for slowdown braking on long descents. The Arai drum brake has cooling fins and lots of thermal mass, and never overheats. And the stoker is happy. Now she can have a vote when the tandem threatens to exceed 55 mph. We used to reach that speed frequently on steep descents. We haven't done it as much since the stoker got her own brake. (This brake system is better than disc brakes.)

One inherent advantage of this tandem is the excellent frame and steering design. The bike feels stable and secure at 55 mph, even when pulling a trailer. I've never ridden any other bicycle with this much control at high speed. I have owned a number of top quality single bicycles. This tandem rides as nicely as any of them. I'll also mention that the bike is fast! A buddy and I have done 14 miles in 30 minutes on flat ground in still air. That's 28 miles per hour, average! Buy this bike, and put a tiger in your tank!

Also included is a home-made tandem carrier car rack accessory, designed to work with a Yakima roof rack. That will save you from having to buy a carrier for $430! The tandem comes with Blackburn racks, front and rear. The front rack is of the lowrider type, which is the only kind of rack that doesn't decrease the stability of the bicycle. I am including the tires and tubes that I like to use on this bicycle for gravel road riding, in addition to the road tires that are on the bicycle. There are two extra chains included. I get good wear on all of the gear parts by (1) not using the most up-to-date shift systems, which use narrower chains thus causing faster wear and (2) rotating three chains in order to extend the chainring and cog life. Since I am a professional mechanic, I've maintained the bicycle in tip top condition, replacing cones and bearings as soon as they exhibit any trace of wear, and keeping fresh grease in all of the bearing races. I've added a number of small upgrade parts to the bike. I won't go into details, but I've made the bike better and more comfortable.

Regarding shipping: I will deliver to Seattle, WA, north to Bellingham, WA and points between. Shipping elsewhere will be the actual cost, with no handling charge. In the past, Greyhound Bus has been the least costly, but you must pick up at a terminal.

For more information, please Send an Email (kayakfit {at] icloud {dot] com).


Vintage Custom Tandem - Ad ID NJMEZE

November 1

This cuustom-made, one of a kind, 18 speed tandem bicycle has a durable, custom-built frame. It has no markings, and was most likely built in the 1980s. It rides well.

Specs include:

You need to see it to appreciate the craftsmanship of this custom-built bicycle.

Price: $1,000.

The bike is located in Point Pleasant, NJ.

For more information, please Send an Email (njmezey {at] gmail {dot] com).

2005 Cannondale Tandem - Ad ID 2kidsa

October 22

This 2005 Cannondale Tandem bicycle was made in the USA. It has a beautiful paint job that commands attention everywhere it's ridden.

We are the second owners. In the last 1,600 miles we replaced all gears (drive side and connecting side), both chains and the mechanical disc brake pads. The drivetrain has 27 speeds (3x9).

We are 5'10" and 5'6". The previous owners were taller, and we are on the short side for this bike.

Price: $1,800.

The bike is located in Lancaster, CA. I prefer a local (Southern California) sale, as I don't have a shipping box for the bike, but I am willing to ship if you are willing to pay all the costs.

For more information, please text Dave 66{Won!]-8(Oh*}3-3{!Won)76.

Santana Beyond - Ad ID Brenda

October 15

This Santana Beyond Tandem has a medium-size frame. It is equipped with couplers and travel case, so the the bike can be disassembled for travel. The bike is in excellent condition. The travel case is scuffed but in good working condition.


Serial No. FBE403.

Asking price $7,500.

The bike is located in Albuquerque, NM. Local pick up, or shipping to the lower 48 state is included in the price.

For more information, please Send an Email (brenda [dot} schramm {at] comcast (dot] net).

Burley Samba - Ad ID CHESTER.

October 15

I purchased this Burley Samba tandem for my 50th birthday in 1999. It was moderately used in the early years and once or twice each year in the last five or so. It is in good condition and has never been wrecked. It was used for rail-to-trail and paved bike paths—no road trips. It has evolved over the years to favor comfort and upright pedaling-as you can see from the image. My wife liked the soft-ride technology and thought it was a valuable option on the bike.

The bike has no new additions to the stock bike in 1999 except the saddles and handlebars. It has a twenty-one gear drivetrain.

Price: $700.

I live in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia near Washington DC. I will travel up to 200 miles to deliver or meet.

For more information, please Send an Email (chester4 {at] comcast (dot] net).

Cannodale Mountain Tandem - Ad ID rross.

October 8

This Cannondale Mountain Tandem has an aluminum frame and was made in USA. It has a medium/small frame size. The bike is in excellent condition but we do not ride it anymore.

Pedals are not included in this sale.

Price: $975.

The bike is located near Tomahawk, WI. Local pickup is free, or I will work with your shipper but not participate in the cost. I have had experience with Bike Flights when I sold a tandem frame which had to be shipped, but the buyer needs to arrange that. I would deliver the tandem to a bike shop in Wausau, WI once the bike is paid for so they could box it and ship it, or have Bike Flights come pick it up at buyer's expense. No charge for delivery to a Wausau WI bike shop.

For more information, please call Roger at Seven-one-five 536 one-one-nine-five or Send an Email (rross [dot} QRP {at] gmail (dot] com).

Santana Team Ti - Ad ID AGMANF

October 8

My wife just bought a new e-bike and has lost interest in riding tandem!! This is a beautiful and light Medium Santana Team Ti. Ride is smooth as you would expect with a titanium/carbon frame with carbon front fork and rear chain stay.

Spynergy wheels add to a smooth and fast ride. Dura Ace Di2 electronic shifting takes the work out of shifting and the oversize rear mechanical Santana disc brakes gives you incredible stopping power on those long descents.

The bike has been taken on a couple of Santana trips and used lightly on local rides. It's in excellent condition with plenty of extra cables and parts from an upgrade.

We are asking $8,500 OBO. If you price new Santana Team Ti bikes, that price is a steal!!

This bike is located in Lancaster CA. I will deliver it to any So Cal location or shipping can be arranged, as I have an XL bike box.

For more information, please text 8{Won]8-47(Too}-68(Fore!]0 or Send an Email (agmanfamily {at] gmail (dot] com).


Want to Buy - Tandem Roof Rack

October 8

I am looking for a tandem roof rack. I'd prefer a Yakima Sidewinder, but I'm open to others as well.

I am located in Kansas City and can drive a reasonable distance or arrange shipping.


Please Send an Email with information. (darius [dot) riley (at] gmail {dot) com).

Santana Arriva - Ad ID dualtw

September 16

I have a 1994 Santana Arriva road tandem for sale. It was bought new, and we are the original owners. It was ridden regularly in the early years. It hasn't been ridden much in the last 10-15 years or so. It has been kept inside and is in excellent condition. The bike has never been in a crash, and there are no scratches on the frame. It is a very stable ride - clocked at 63 mph on a downhill! It is painted BMW Córdoba Red.

Frame size is 57cm captain/54cm stoker. My husband was 6 foot and I, the stoker, am 5'5". It was comfortable for each of us.

Price: $1,500.

The tandem is located in Redlands, CA. Prefer local pickup but will cooperate with shipping arranged and paid by the buyer. May be willing to deliver or meet part way within reasonable distance in Southern California.

For more information, please Send an Email (dualtwins {at] verizon (dot] net).

Co-Motion Periscope Torpedo - Ad ID JimBHa

September 13

This beautiful, light Co-Motion Periscope Torpedo tandem is an eye-catching Toreador Red in color, and it is size medium: Captain standover is 29"; Stoker adjusts to accommodate anyone from 3'6" to 6'3".

There are some minor scratches on the top tube where I scuffed it with a cleat, but there are no dents. The bike has never been crashed.

We're selling it because we recently purchased a coupled travel tandem. This bike is a great, fast road tandem. We have enjoyed it but have no need for two tandems.

Pedals included are included in the sale; electronic mounts not included. I will include different saddles. The ones pictured will not be included.

Price: $3,000.

Bike is currently in Albuquerque, NM. I regularly travel between Lubbock, TX and Albuquerque and can show it in either location.

For more information please TEXT 5{Seven]5-3(Won!)8-393(Oh} or Send an Email. (jimbhardy [at} gmail [dot) com)

Rolf Prima Tandem Wheel Set - Like New - Ad ID TWILSO

September 11

This Rolf Prima Tandem Alloy wheel set is compatible with both disc and rim brakes. It is the original wheel set installed on our Co-Motion Carrera tandem, and we are changing it out for a carbon wheel set. The wheels and tires have less than 700 miles on them and are like new. The hub is Shimano/SRAM 10/11 speed compatible.

I will include the Rolf QR skewers, 700x28 Continental Gator Skin tires and tubes. I will also include the 203mm TRP disc rotors shown in the pictures if the buyer prefers. The cassette shown in the pictures is not included and will be removed before shipping.

Asking price $850 + actual shipping cost.

The wheels are located in Hilliard, OH.

For more information please Send an Email. (twilson1088 [at} gmail [dot) com)

Santana Quad / Triple / Tandem - Price Reduced - Ad ID slogoto

August 26

This 2005 custom-built Santana has frame couplers to configure it as a Quad, Triple or Tandem bike. The frame is chrome-moly. Components are Shimano Ultegra, and there is a rear drum brake.

Price: $5,000 OBO.

The bike is located in Midland, MI. Local pick up, or shipping is available in the Continental USA.

For more information please call or text 9{Ate*)9-6(Oh!]0-0[Won}86 or Send an Email. (slogoto [at} charter [dot) net)

Santana Sovereign - Ad ID KSHAWT

August 21

This Santana Sovereign tandem bike is a great starter tandem with a light weight frame and solid components. The size is "medium". (We are: captain = 6'00" and stoker = 5'4"). Santana says the bike is designed for inseams of 80-87 cm (front) and 72-91 cm (rear).

We are the second owners of the bike. We bought it from Bicycle John's in Burbank (on consignment) around 2000. I believe it is a 1998 model. Over the years, we have updated and replaced various components, but its largely configured as it was originally. The rear wheel was rebuilt this summer with all new spokes.

For about five years, this was our everyday bike. Then, in 2005, we got a coupled bike for touring, and so this one saw less use. We've just bought a new tandem and so, we are selling the other two.

The bike has a number of scratches from lots of years of use, but is ready to ride just as-is. Or change the gearing and upgrade as you see fit; it’s a very light frame that would really sing with some new light wheels.


Also included in the sale are: four water bottle cages (silver); Blackburn frame pump; wired Flightdeck computer.

Price: asking $1,250.

A Thule / ATOC swiveling roof rack, and a full-sized, hard shell tandem case are available as well, for $125 each.

The bike is located in San Luis Obispo, CA. In person pick-up preferred, or I'll deliver it anywhere between here and Los Angeles. Otherwise, I'll arrange to have it packed and shipped at buyer's expense.

For more information please Send an Email. (KShawTreo [at} att [dot) net)


Burley Hybrid Tandem - Ad ID JOANNE

August 20

This Burley hybrid tandem was built by and bought from Tandems East and is 5-7 years old. It has been ridden only one month a year, so it is in excellent condition. It has been stored in the garage.

Stand over measurements are 30" (captain) / 27" (stoker).

Price: $1,000. I will consider reasonable offers.

The bike is located in Bradley Beach, NJ. I will cooperate with shipping arranged by and paid by the buyer.

For more information please Send an Email. (joanne {dot] keselman [at} umanitoba [dot) ca)

Bob Jackson Tandem - Ad ID: WORLDD

August 19

I've owned this Bob Jackson tandem since 1972, when I purchased it used from a pro shop in Alameda. At the time I owned a bike shop in Florida and wanted a pro grade tandem to race to promote the shop. Bob Jackson was one of the foremost frame builders in that era, and was from Leeds, England.

Over the years I've performed various upgrades, but basically the bike is Reynolds 531, and most components are Campagnolo.

The "bent tube" at the stoker seat post is designed to shorten the overall wheelbase for cornering purposes. The long chain provides an optimal chain line from the front triple and rear 6 cog freewheel. Bar end shifters are SunTour. Gearing is equally stepped from 36-118 gear inches. Hubs and one crank are Phil Wood, the other Campagnolo.

The bike was recently stripped, professionally painted, and rebuilt. So was the car.

Price: $5,500. (Car not included.)

This beautiful bike is located in North Plainfield, NJ. I prefer local pick up, or I will cooperate with shipping arranged for and paid by buyer.

For more information please call 573-six2zero-threezero14 or Send an Email.

Santana Team - Ad ID SIGNET

August 13

This Santana Team bike is in near perfect condition. The bike was repainted this February by Santana and was professionally rebuilt by Speed Merchants Bike Shop in Rockford MI. Everything is working in as-new condition. The bike is ready for you to ride.

As described by Santana:

"Our custom tubeset starts with the strongest grade of aluminum, 7000 series, then adds scandium for increased strength and stiffness. This allows us to use very thin butted tubes for light weight and superior ride quality. The Bi-Laminate feature of the Team Scandium adds carbon seatstays and co-molded carbon/scandium down and bottom tubes for the vibration damping effects of dissimilar materials and a beautiful, unique look.""

This bike is a custom frame designed was designed to fid a child stoker as short as 4'10" and still be able to have a captain of 5'11" with the extended stem. There is a lot of flexibility to fit many riders. This bike is very light and responsive.

The bike has been upgraded with Pro build components:

Treat yourself to a great tandem!

More photos available upon request.

Price: asking $5,500

For more information, please Send an Email. ( signetflute [at} hotmail [dot) com)

1987 Santana Arriva S - Price Reduced

August 13

I have owned this tandem since new. I purchased it to enjoy fast, flat centuries, and it was great! With a strong partner, everyone wants to try and hang with you! Now, this isn't the lightest tandem out there, but you will be glad this bike is as solid as it gets. When you have a long down hill, the last thing you want is a bike that twitches and scares you!

Leaving the wheel suckers gasping for air is worth it! Ask yourself, "How fast do you want to go?"

When I bought bike, I was told the Arriva "S" is rare, and that the frame is a Sovereign road bike with a Shimano groupo, instead of the Campagnolo component package.

The bike has never been wrecked, and it has been stored inside.

This tandem has less than 500 miles on it since new!

Price: $1,000 OR BEST OFFER. I am seeing prices from $3,000 and up to the moon on new road tandems.

I am in Cincinnati, OH. Cash, and it's yours. No shipping.

For more information please contact Mark at 51three-31five-208seven or Send an Email. (mlimke4247 [at} yahoo [dot) com)

Spectrum Cycle Tandem - Ad ID: WORLDD

August 13

Built in 2008 by Tom Kellogg's Spectrum Cycles, this tandem is built for the road, a 30 speed jewel of both mechanical harmony and visual artistry. The tubing is aircraft grade alloy for rigidity and lightness. Kellogg only builds one Tandem per year.

Gearing is from 29-130 gear inches in about 3 point increments, allowing your team to always be in the perfect place in your power curve. Brakes and gearing are Shimano, with a Phil Wood drag brake under separate handlebar thumb control.

Pilot should be 5'10" to 6'3", stoker 5'4" to 6'4". The bike was originally built for wife and son-in-law (a 6'4" NFL player). The bike has only 100 original miles. The pilot had knees replaced, end of the ride...

For serious and strong pair, the top of the line, only bike you'll ever want or need.

Original cost $10k+

Price: $8,500.

This beautiful bike is located in North Plainfield, NJ. I prefer local pick up, or I will cooperate with shipping arranged for and paid by buyer.

For more information please call 573-six2zero-threezero14 or Send an Email.

Co-Motion Carrera - Ad ID: arh223

August 12

This large size Co-Motion Carrera tandem bike is an eye-catching Ferrari red, and it is like new. The bike has been used under five times!

The Co-Motion website has stock specifications for this bike, and the following customizations have also been added:

Price: $3,700 OBO.

The bike is located in Menlo Park, CA. Local pick up only.

For more information, please contact me through my Craigslist ad.


Cannondale RT1000 - Ad ID: JJJI@P

August 8

What's better than a double jogging stroller? A tandem built for hauling two kids on long rides! (Or just a tandem if you don't have kids).

This Cannondale RT1000 is size 21" captain and 19" stoker. I'm 5' 10" with a 30" inseam and had no problem riding this bike.

The bike has a triple crank, currently with mountain bike chainrings for heavy hauling over steep hills. Included in the sale are the larger chainrings for long road rides. I also have a suspension seatpost for the stoker.

This would make a sweet tandem gravel rig!

Price: $800.

The bike is located in San Luis Obispo, CA.

For more information, please contact me through my Craigslist ad.

Trek T100 Double Cross - Ad ID: MARIO.

August 8

This Trek T100 Double Cross tandem bike is size large, and it is in very good condition. The bike is ready to ride, with new front and rear tires, new saddles, 21 speeds, cantilever brakes, and a rear drum drag brake for going down long hills. Frame is butted Cro-moly true-temper steel.

We ussed this bike to ride from Buffalo, NY to Albany, NY on the Erie Canal path, and it was a great experience!

Fit was good for a 6' 2" front rider:

Price: $495.

The bike is located in Rochester, NY. I will cooperate with shipping arranged by and paid by the buyer.

For more information, please Send an Email (mario {dot] gomes1 {at] gmail {dot] com).

Trek T100 Double Cross - Ad ID: 888976

August 2

This Trek T100 Double Cross Tandem Bicycle is in very good condition. The size is captain 58cm(23") /stoker 53cm(21").

Price: $550 OBO.

For more information, please call or text 9(three#}7-40{Fore!]-56[won}3.

The bike is located near Dayton, OH.

This bike is also advertised on Craigslist.

Rare Mike Melton Custom Tandem for Sale - Ad 39535

July 22

This Mike Melton tandem was custom made for my wife and I by Mike Melton in 1981. The frame is in near mint condition. There are a couple nicks (stone chips) in the original paint, but only a few. The original paint and decals are mostly just as Mike produced it for us. It was created in his Delaware, OH shop. I have the original invoice as well.

After Mike Melton made the frame, I originally built the rest myself from components including building the wheels. The wheels have since been rebuilt and new brake levers replacing the original Mafac levers and flat bars replaced the stoker's dropped bars.

I will list the components that are currently configured, however, the real draw of this opportunity is the frame itself:

Components can be upgraded/replaced, but this frame is quite a gem. This frame was not a mass produced version, but hand built/supervised by Mike himself. Mike is no longer with us, but he was an innovator and leader of framebuilding in his era. Mike has Olympic gold as his legacy, and this frame was crafted by those same hands. Some of the leading cyclists of his time sought out and rode Mike Melton framesets. For more information about Mike go to this website.

I am asking $2,200 for this piece of tandem and bicycling history.

The location is in Dublin, OH. I can transport a reasonable distance, but long distance would be at buyers expense.

For the real Mike Melton afficiando, I have a single Mike Melton road frame that is my personal ride. I could make a package deal for someone that would like both a tandem and single road bike produced by Mike Melton. A photo of this bike is included in the photos linked above.

For more information, please Send an Email (piperbdj {at] gmail {dot] com).

Co-Motion Supremo - PRICE LOWERED

July 15

This Co-Motion Supremo is a beautiful bike with a lot of upgrades. It's very light! We love it, but we're just not riding it enough to keep it. The bike is in excellent condition except for a 2" cosmetic scratch along the top tube from an inconsequential workshop tip-over.

The SPD Pedals not included.

Price: $2,500 OBO.

For more information please call 6(Won#}5-3(Zero}5-84{fore!]4.

2018 AZUB Twin Recumbent Tandem

July 11

We have a 2018 AZUB Twin. It's black and is less than a year old. Not many miles.

The bike is located on Vancouver Island BC.

For more information, please Send an Email (njtait {at] gmail {dot] com).


Burley Duet

July 8

This 2001 Burley Duet is size Large. It has S&S Couplings, so the bike can be disassembled for shipping. It has Metallic Garnett (red) paint.

Price: $1,000.00 cash.

The bike is located on Long Island, NY. Local pickup only.

For more information, please call 7{Won]9-3(fIvE}7-*Fore!775 or Send an Email ( bikemann {at] optonline (dot] net).

2017 Co-Motion Supremo

July 1

This 2017 Co-Motion Supremo is a high-end bike with a medium size aluminum frame. It is in excellent condition and is equipped with sophisticated components such as Shimano Di2 electric shifting, TRP disc brakes and a Rolf Prima wheelset. It weighs just about 27 lbs without pedals.

A Shimano Di2 charger is included in the sale.

Price: $8,999.

The bike is located in the Santa Cruz, CA area. Local pick up, or I will be glad to negotiate shipping arrangements with a prospective buyer.

This bike is advertised on BicycleBlueBook.com. You can arrange for purchase and/or shipping through that website.

For more information, please Send an Email (jason {at] @spokesmanbicycles (dot] com).

Zona Davis Double

June 26

I have a very rare Zona Davis Double for sale. The approximate manufacturing date is 2005. This is a carbon fiber frame with titanium couplers that allow the bike to be disassembled for travel. Two wheel cases and two body cases to pack the bike for travel are included in the sale.

My wife decided to start running again, and I have no partner!


Price: $4,800.

The bike is located in east Tennessee, but we travel to Indiana and Florida often and may be able to meet you there. Shipping would be $200 otherwise.

For more information, please text 6{Oh!]3.73(Won].099{too} or Send an Email (tjlphd {at] gmail (dot] com).

Peugeot tandem - Custom Build / All New Components

June 25

This is a perfect condition 1984 Peugeot tandem bike with all new components. It's barely used. The frame was purchased from the original owner, who barely rode it. It has been ridden just about 10 miles since the custom build was completed.


Price: $1,800 (OBO) without rack or $2,000 with tandem rack (Yakima, used once).

For more information, please contact me through my Craigslist ad.

Co-Motion Cappuccino

June 25

This Co-Motion Cappuccino was purchased new by us in 1997. The size is a medium with an about 31" captain standover. The soft ride beam makes the stoker position particularly comfortable to ride and adjusts to accommodate a wide range from less than 30" to 33" standover heights. The frame is steel and has been protected with framesaver and stored indoors. The tandem has a few typical paint scuffs, but no dings/dents in any of the tubes.

The wheels are 40 spoke Synchos Rims laced to Phil Wood hubs. The crankset is a Ritchey tandem triple that drives an 8-speed drivetrain with Shimano Ultegra deraileurs and bar-end shifters. The headset is a Chris King. It has a Nitto front bar. Stopping duties are handled by an IRD linear pull front brake, a Shimano linear pull rear and an Arai rear drum for long descents.

Included in the sale is an Old Man Mountain rear rack and a new stainless steel threaded eye-bolt that attaches softride beam.

The bike needs tires, a stoker saddle, and pedals. We can get it up and running for an interested team.

The original retail price was $3,200. We're looking to get $1,000 OBO.

The bike is currently located in the Boulder/Denver, CO area, but will be in Steamboat Springs, CO after July 1.

For more information, please call or text (three [Oh! {3}] eight /too> 7 6 6 (oh?} or Send an Email (jon {dot] godt {at] gmail (dot] com).

Burley Tamburello Medium/Medium 2004

June 19

This Burley Tamburello is ready to ride!

Also included in the sale is a nonpivoting Yakima Tandem roof rack.

Price: $1,673 USD - including the tandem rack!

The bike is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Local pick up only.

For more information, please call 4(One)6-91[ate}-08{Too!)4 or Send an Email (psb1 {at] rogers (dot] com).


2001 da Vinci Joint Venture

June 13

This 2001 daVinci Joint Venture has da Vinci's ICS (Independent Coasting System), and that is part of what makes this tandem fun to ride. The captain and stoker can independently coast or pedal, unlike most tandems. This is a great feature for taking sit breaks, starting, stopping and grabbing a drink, among other benefits.

The daVinci has Campy Chorus shifters with 4 chain rings up front and 9 in the back for 36 gears. The front chain rings are half the size of conventional tandems because of the double rotation free wheel. The combination of 12-, 18-, 24-, 30-tooth driving gears equals 24-, 36-, 48-, 60-tooth chain rings, which makes the best of both worlds, a really low granny gear at 24 and a really high gear at 60. You can learn more about the unique tandem features on the da Vinci Tandems website.

The original owner told me the bike is a medium. Captain's stand over height is about 31 inches and the stokers stand over height is about 29.

Pros... I have owned this bike about 2.5 years and have replaced or rebuilt every mechanical component except the rear derailleur, which is in very good condition.

Components replaced:

The bike is equipped with White Industries Hubs with the original daVinci rims.

Cons... The bike has scuffs and dings from the original owner. I purchased some touchup paint, which makes it look better, but you can still see them. There is pretty good ding on the top tube of the stoker and the Joint Venture decals are showing wear, but those can be purchased from da Vinci at a very minimal cost.

The pedals are not included, only mounted for demo rides.

We have made so many great memories on this tandem, but now it's time for a new couple to make memories of their own on this da Vinci.

To purchase this bike new is about $5,500. Here is your chance to own a da Vinci Joint Venture for a fraction of the price. Only $1,800!

The bike is located in the Tulsa, OK area.

For more information please call 9(One]8-[ate*)10-85*tWo)0

2010 Cannondale Tandem

June 13

This 2010 Cannondale tandem was made the last year these were manufactured in the USA. It is M/S size.

The Spinergy TX2 wheels make the bike absolutely comfy and cost $1,000 by themselves. A carbon wing bar keeps the stoker comfy. The bike has a 1x11 drivetrain with an XTR rear derailleur. It also has a modified single side drivetrain with a Gevenalle thumb shifter on the right side brake.

Pedals and bags are not included in this sale.

Price: $3,500.

The bike is located in the north San Diego County area.

For more information, please contact me through my Craigslist ad.

ATOC Tandem Topper Car Roof Bike Rack

June 13

This ATOC Tandem Topper car roof rack for tandem or recumbent bikes is lightly used.

Price: $150.

Pick up in Watkins Glen, NY or pay for actual shipping costs.

For more information, please Send an Email (jriplinger {at] gmail (dot] com).

Magura Disc Brakes

June 10

Here is a pair of well working Gustav M Disc Brakes. They were mounted on my tandem, and as you probably know, they are the most powerful stoppers made for a bicycle. They are pretty much the only brakes you want if you weigh over 280 lbs or if you're riding a tandem. These brakes are rare and generally difficult to find.

This sale includes the hard to find 210mm rotor, as well as two brand new pairs of Disco Tech Brake pads. In addition, the pads that are mounted in the calipers are pretty new (see pictures). One pair of mounted pads is practically new (about 2 or 3 rides), and the other pair is slightly worn. All in all, you're getting 5 pairs of pads with this purchase. Also included are the pad carriers / spacers and those tiny thin washers for getting the calipers positioned perfectly.

Both cables are pre-bled and feel rock solid. If you are going to put these on a single (i.e. not a tandem), you will probably need to cut the rear cable and bleed it. The front cable is pretty standard length and for most bikes shouldn't need any trimming or extending.

When measured with calipers, the 210mm rotor is pretty much 2.0mm thick. The included Storm HC 160mm rotor is 1.95mm thick. Both were 2.0mm thick when new.

Price: $275.

The brakes are located in the San Luis Opbispo, CA area. Local pick up, or we can negotiate shipping.

For more information, please contact me through my Craigslist ad.

1980 Rodriguez Heavy Touring Tandem

June 10

I have a dark emerald green 1980 Rodriguez heavy touring tandem for sale. It is a handsome bike that gets a lot of attention and praise. It is in good condition, with just two small scrapes on the left fork blade that did not break the primer coat, so there is no rust. That is the only damage.

The wheels are 27" Super Champion rims with 48 holes. DT spokes on Phil Wood sealed bearing hubs with threads for Arai drum brakes. The tires are Continental Sport 1000 (27x1) and are in excellent shape.

The brakes were updated to Suntour XC cantilevers with Shimano levers. The front derailleur was updated to a Suntour alpha 5000 and the rear derailleur to a Shimano Deore. The triple crank and left side crank arms are all Campagnolo Record, modified by the builder and are complete with dust caps.

The frame has the unique to Rodriguez flattened oval top tube and bottom tube giving it some shock absorption while maintaining side-to-side rigidity. There are rack, fender, and air pump braze-ons. There are braze-ons for four water bottles and braze-ons for brake cable routing and electrical wire routing, originally for generator lights but now used for cycling computer wiring.

There are grab knobs on the stoker handlebar for added stoker comfort. I also have a "Kid Back" for raising the pedals so a child can ride in the stoker position. It has never been used. In addition, I have a Yakima tandem carrier bar which will work with any round tube roof rack. It will hold the tandem very securely.

All in all, this is a very smooth, well mannered, comfortable heavy touring tandem.

The bike is in California.

For more information, please Send an Email (across56 {at] aol (dot] com).

2007 Co-Motion PeriScope Quad Convertible - PRICE REDUCED

September 8

This eye-catching 2007 Co-Motion PeriScope Quad Convertible features all the adjustability of Co-Motion's family-friendly PeriScope design with the added versatility of three sets of S&S frame couplers. The S&S couplers are handy for "downsizing" this long bike for getting into a vehicle or even shipping. Take a section out to turn the bike into a triple or remove two sections to make it a tandem. It's very versatile!

This bike will fit most every family size with the lowest center of gravity of any multi-seat bike. The caption's position fits riders 5' and up. The next three seats fit most 7 year olds up to adults.

This sale does not include pedals.

Price: $4,900 without shipping.

The bike is located in Orlando, FL. I will cooperate with shipping arranged by and paid by the buyer.

For more information, please Send an Email (lsutherlin7 {at] gmail (dot] com).


Want to Buy - Cannondale Tandem

May 31

I'm looking for a Cannondale Tandem.


Please Send an Email with information. (ewishner (at] aol {dot) com).

Co-Motion Periscope Scout

May 31

This is a medium-sized Co-Motion Periscope Scout 700 with less than 1,500 miles on it. Handlebar, shifters and seat upgrades as well as a pannier are all part of the package. Captain was 5' 9" and stoker was 5' 3", but the adjustability of this bike is fantastic.

We purchased it new in 2010 and rode it until 2014, and it has been collecting dust in the garage since August 2014. The bike is in pristine condition and has only minor blemishes. Everything works perfectly. You might only want to update the tires, since they haven't been ridden, and change out the batteries in the trip computer/cadence monitor, etc.

It's loaded and ready to go!

Price: $2,750 plus shipping.

The bike is located in Wyoming.

For more information please Send an Email (Jtourneau [at} outlook {dot) com).

Santana Fusion SE

May 30

This Santana Fusion SE tandem bike has a 26" CroMoly frame and was rarely ridden. It's a versatile enduro tandem, and it was recently tuned up.

The bike is also advertised on Craigslist and on eBay.

The bike is located in the Zionsville, IN area. Local pick up only.

For more information, please call 3(Won}7-9{Oh!]0-0[Owe)39 or Send an Email (55rchp {at] gmail (dot] com).

Tandem Aero Wheels

May 29

I have two tandem aero wheels for sale. Buy one of them at a great price or buy both at an even further discounted price!

  1. Zipp 808 Firecrest 10 speed clincher-Shimano/SRAM hub
    • Custom built with top-of-the-line Phil Wood hub
    • Note: 10 speed hubs can be converted to 11 speed with Edco 10-11 Mono Block cassettes)
    • As good as new; honestly; less than 500 miles on it
    • Continental Gatorskin 700cx25
    • new Firecrest wheels go for north of $1,700.00, used: @ $1,000 +
  2. HED 3 Tri-spoke
    • Still one of the most aerodynamic wheels ever manufactured
    • Has, maybe, 1,500 miles, no more
    • Vittoria Diamonte Pro tire-700cx25
    • This model is going on ebay for $500.00 (+/-)


Split shipping / about $20 apiece per wheel.

For more information, please Send an Email (drcoughlin44 {at] yahoo (dot] com).

Calfee S&S Tetra Carbon Tandem

May 28

We are retiring from the bicycle business and no longer require two personal tandems. This Calfee was delivered in 2016 as a shop test ride tandem through Mike Moore. It has S&S couplings, but we never traveled with it. Two genuine S&S backpack bags plus packing materials are included in the sale.

The bike has been well cared for and is in excellent condition. It has what Calfee considers a nude finish. The serial number is LSTB0720.

It's a Large Small size with the following components:

We will equip the bike with the original Gates drive system for the timing side.

We'd like to keep the saddles and pedals for spares.

Asking price is $6,950 USD via a bank wire transfer. Canadian residents would be required to pay tax on the Canadian equivalent price.

The bike is located in Guelph, ON, which is about one hour west of Toronto. We are traveling to Vermont in June and NYC in July. Buyers on that side of the USA have the opportunity to meet us in person and take delivery directly. Payment in advance required.

For more information, please Send an Email (ChubbysCyclery {at] gmail (dot] com).

Co-Motion Periscope Scout 26

May 28

I have for sale a Co-Motion Periscope Scout 26 tandem bicycle that is in great condition. Dual telescoping seat posts allow for maximum adjustability. I rode this bicycle cross country with my mom when I was 11, and the super-adjustable range was imperative to make up for our height difference.

I'll even throw in a rear rack and some Speedplay Frogs clips if you need them.

The chains are a little stretched, so new ones wouldn’t hurt, but the current ones work fine too.

Price: $2,500

The bike is located about 45 minutes outside of LA in Thousand Oaks, CA. Local pickup preferred. I'm willing to ship, too, but Im not sure how much it will cost.

For more information, please Send an Email (cedarthetree {at] icloud (dot] com).


Arai Drum Brake / Arai Drag Brake

May 17

If you're looking for an Arai Drum Brake / Arai Drag Brake that is in excellent condition, you've found it!

This sale includes a bar-end shifter/brake actuator, cables and stops.

Price: $125.

For more please Send an Email. (drmarkr {at] gmail {dot] com)

2007 Bilenky Road Tandem

May 16

This is a custom built 2007 Bilenky Tandem road bike. It is a great bike for a tall captain and a petite stoker. The current captain is 6'6" and the stoker is 5'4"!

The sellers purchased the bike from Mel at Tandems East in March 2007.

Price: $2,500.

The bike is located in Haddonfield, NJ (south Jersey near Philadelphia). Local pickup or I will cooperate with shipping arranged by and paid by the buyer.

For more please Send an Email. (scott [dot) kegler {at] gmail {dot] com)

Aerolite Tandem

May 13

This is an AeroLite Twin Tube Design that is #1 of 3 custom made for International Bike Shows in Milan, Italy, New York and Long Beach, CA. It has never been ridden. It's like new!

It cost over $8,000 to make this incredible bike. How about a 50% discount? Lets make a DEAL!!

The bike is located in Washington state.

For more information please Send an Email. (aerolitepedals {at] earthlink {dot] net)

Want to Buy - Cannondale Rear Wheel

May 10

I'd like to buy a disc-compatible rear wheel for a 2007 Cannondale tandem. It has a 9-speed drivetrain.


Please Send an Email (bikingricardo (at] yahoo {dot) com).

Bilenky Viewpoint Semi-Recumbent Tandem

April 29

This is a fully-built, deluxe road Viewpoint Semi Recumbent tandem bicycle. It was custom-made by Stephen Bilenky. The bike has low miles.

The bike has S&S Couplings to disassemble the bike for easy transport. It fits in two 26"x26"x10" S&S Coupling suitcases and is airline legal (within the 62 linear inch limit).

On this bike the captain sits in back and controls the steering and the rim brakes. The stoker has his/her own bar-end shifter for their own 7-speed cassette and derailleur, and can coast while the captain is pedaling. The stoker also controls the rear hub brake. It's a truly independent system that is very simple and reliable - it is made from regular production bike components!



Price: Asking $5,995 - new costs from $8,200 (Bilenky website) to $9,200 (Tandems East).

The bike is located in the York, PA area. Local pickup. Will deliver within 200 miles for an additional fee, to be negotiated with the buyer.

The bike is also advertised on Craigslist.

For more information, please call Lenny at 7(Won}7-7{Fore!]1-35[Nine)1 or Send an Email. (lamazzadc [at} gmail [dot) com)

1985 Santana Elan

April 25

We bought a new Cannondale tandem and would like to sell our other tandem. It's a 1991 Santana Elan tandem that we bought used in 1995. We've taken great care of it, and it's in good condition.

From the center of the bottom bracket to the top tube is 21"". See the images for more detailed sizes.

Water bottles, pedals, pump, front aero bars are all included in the sale.

Price $600 or best offer. Must sell.

The bike is located in central Ohio. We would prefer local pick-up.

The bike is also listed on Craigslist.

For more information, please call Bernie at 6{Won!)4-3[Oh}9-4(Too}31 (call only - do not text!)


Santana Arriva SE

April 17

This Santana Arriva SE was purchased in 2003. It has several upgraded options not shown on the manufacturers current web page. The original invoice showing options is available.

The bike is a "large frame" MegaSize CroMoly™ tube set. The stand over dimensions are 32" for captain and 30" for stoker. From the center of the cranks to the bottom of the seat post it's 23" for the captain and 20" for the stoker. It is very accomodating to a variety of heights for both captain and stoker.

The bike is in excellent condition. I have maintained it meticulously. The tandem probably has around 500 mile use in all.

The bike brand new tires and tubes and is ready to ride. We installed 700 x 32c tires and tubes that offer a great ride on any surface. A spare set of tires is included that are in good condition and can be used as spares as needed.


Price: $2,000.

The bike is located in the Plano, TX area.

For more information, please contact me through the Craigslist ad for this bike.

Co-Motion Softride Cappuccino

April 16

This Co-Motion Softride Cappuccino is for sale by the original owners. The bike has numerous customized accessory improvements.

Price $1,650 - will entertain reasonable offer.

Will deliver in the NY Metro area.

For more information, please call or text 9{won!]7-71(FiVe]-335[fore!}.

Santana Sovereign Triplet

April 12

The Big Bike! Large Captain, med/large Stokers. This is a great bike for families, because it can be set up for three pedaling kid stokers. I even hauled a fourth kid in a trailer!

This bike even had its 15 minutes of fame when it was used in a fashion catalog photography shoot. Click on the photo to the right for pictures of the bike, including the fashion shoot.

Price: $2,950.

The bike is located in the Nashville, TN area. I will be glad to negotiate shipping arrangements with a prospective buyer.

For more information please Send an Email. (rlhurt16 {at] gmail (dot] com)

Santana Sovereign

April 12

This is an early Santana Sovereign for sale by the original owners. It has the early style double plate fork crown and Ishiwata Tandem Tubing. The bike is beautifully constructed and fillet brazed, showing a level of workmanship rarely seen on tandems any more.

The bike has been updated and upgraded with index bar end shifters and Suntour derailleurs, 36 hole Mavic wheels with Phil hubs and Specialized tandem cranks. It was repainted in salmon color by Elliott Bay Bikes in Seattle.

This Santana has a double diamond frame style due to the small size of 20.5" by 19.5".

It has never dropped or crashed. It was ridden extensively, but always meticulously cared for. Health issue forces a sale.

Price: $1,500

The bike is located on Bainbridge Island, WA (98110). Buyer pays packing and shipping.

For more information please call 2//zero//6-8FOUR2-8\\ONEnine\\2 or TWO06-7**FIVE**5-29//five//1 or Send an Email (pbandjane {at] olympus (dot} net)

Want to Buy - Cannondale MT

April 12

We're looking for a Cannondale MT in Medium/Small or 18/16. We live in NJ

Please Send an Email (verticalrabbit (at] gmail {dot) com).

1985 Santana Arriva

April 11

This 1985 Santana Arriva is for sale by the orignal owner. It's the perfect tandem for small couple or with a kid on the back.

I'm not sure of the exact size specifications, but I'm 5'7", and my stoker is 5'2". The bike is about 22" front, 19" rear - size small .

The bike has always been keep inside and has barely been used for the past 10 years. It was purchased directly from the Ridgewood NJ bike shop.

The bike is beautifully constructed and fillet brazed, showing a level of workmanship rarely seen on tandems any more.

Extras included in this sale:

This bike has an amazingly stable ride. It was clocked at 53 mph on a long down hill!

Price: $500 - including all of the extras!

The bike is in the Riverdale section of the Bronx - Local pick up only.

For more information, please call 7{One]8-6(OH!)1-43[Too]7 or Send an Email.


Co-Motion Speedster Co-Pilot with S&S Couplers

April 11

This Co-Motion Speedster Co-Pilot has couplers that allow the bike to be dissassembled and packed into two suitcase for easy shipping. It has a custom Mango/Ferrari Red paint, and the size is 22 x 19.

There are only 1,000 miles on the bike, and it is in great condition.

The bike is equipped with a carbon disc fork, a rear disc brake, Thud Buster suspension seatpost and a Shimano Flight Deck computer

We paid $8,000 and are selling it for $4,500.

The bike is located in Franktown, CO. Local pick up, or the buyer would pay for shipping.

For more information please Send an Email. ('c21howrey [at} aol [dot) com)

Want to Buy - Tandem Mountain Bike

April 11

I'm looking to purchase a tandem mountain bike with a large frame and 29" tires. The bike should be size for riders that are 6'2" (250lbs) and 5'5".

Front or full suspension please.

Please text 6(oh!}2-22[ate)-87{won]7 or send Send an Email. (ketsac (at] netscape {dot) net.

Want to Buy - Cassette Hub

April 11

Im looking for a used 40/48 spoke 9-speed cassette hub. If you would like to sell one, please send Send an Email. (iphotomac (at] icloud {dot) com).

Pashley U Plus 2 Tandem Trailer-Cycle

April 8

Does your cycling entourage include two young children? This is a Pashley U Plus 2 tandem trailer-cycle – the Rolls Royce of trailer-cycles. It has a very stable tricycle design and is solidly made in Britain by Pashley.

The British-made Pashley tandem tag-a-long for two children attaches to the seat-post of the towing bicycle (hitch included) by an adjustable chrome-plated steel tow bar. Construction is a fully brazed steel frame with a tricycle rear for maximum stability. It fits children with 19.5" to 27.5" inseam (front) and 17.5" to 22.5" inseam (rear) with adjustable handlebars and seat posts.

This trailer-cycle is very gently used and in excellent condition. These tag-a-longs are often passed along from family to family. In fact, the manufacturer could not compete with the used market and discontinued their trailer-cycles. Now they are very hard to find.

Price: $1,200.

The Pashley is located in Mount Vernon, ME. I would prefer not to ship, as it would require full disassembly. I might be able to deliver it or meet part way.

For more information, please Send an Email (hjmerrick {at] gmail (dot] com).

Santana Sovereign

April 4

My wife and I have sold our home and are moving onto our 44' sailboat. We have to sell our Santana Sovereign tandem, because it sure won't fit on the boat! We never rode it much, so I hope to find it a nice home.

It's a 1998 Santana Sovereign that has less than 500 miles on it total. It is a 700c, Medium size. It has a 3x9 Ultegra/XTR drivetrain. It also has a like-new Arai drum brake activated by an Ultegra bar-end shifter. We live in Florida so almost NEVER use it, except as a parking brake.

We had planned to ride the Northern Tier last year, and in prep for that I put on new Dyad rims, a new Hadley rear hub, new KoolStops, new Jagwire cables and housings, new Schwalbe tires, bar tape w gel, and lots of other little things. We took a trip up to Georgia but had to cancel the cross country ride for kid reasons.

The sale also includes the Old Man Mountain read rack (custom made for Santana) and the Tubus Duo front rack (if desired).

The sale does not include the Ortileb Panniers shown in some of the pictures.

Price: I'm asking $1,900.

The bike is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Local pick up preferred, but I will cooperate with shipping arranged by and paid by the buyer.

The bike is also advertised on Craigslist.

For more information, please call 95{Fore!)-8(Won]7-07{Won]5 or Send an Email (dgpete {at) gmail [dot} com).

Bob Jackson Tandem

April 2

This Bob Jackson tandem was made in 1977.

Extras include fenders, Blackburn rear rack, stoker mirror on handle, bar, Campagnolo pedals with toe clips and straps.

Weight as shown on pictures: 42lbs, ready to ride

Price: $450.

The tandem is located in Williamsburg, VA. Prefer local pick up, but will ship the bike to Lower 48 States at buyer's expense.

For more information, please call 7{fIvE]7-2[Too;]9-0(Zero}39 or Send an Email (vbbiker {at) me [dot} com).


Dodd Custom Triple 700c

April 1

This Dodd custom triple 700c tandem bike was meticulously CAD designed and fillet brazed by the original and only owner, Russ Dodd. The design emphasizes stability and durability with four horizontal seamless 4130 ChroMoly HT aircraft tubes. It is painted with a Dupont Imron Plum metallic color.

It is a full adult length bike: 57" x 51" x 48" with adjustable stems for smaller riders. The total weight with pedals is 57lbs.



Price: $2,450.

The bike is located in Cedar Falls, IA. Local pick up only.

The bike is also advertised on Craigslist.

For more information, please Send an Email (russ{dot}dodd{at]cfu[dot)net).

Double Vision

March 20

This is the second Double Vision that we have owned, and there is not a much more comfortable bike to ride. I am the second owner of this bicycle. It was originally purchased in Chicago. I brought it to Indianapolis, Indiana and only rode it for one season. The bike is in very good condition. We are only selling it because I am not as stable on the stops as I used to be, and we will be getting a recumbent tandem trike to replace this ride.

The Vision R-8X tandem recumbent is a great bike that was made by Advanced Transportation Products (ATP) in Washington State. The seats and boom adjusts to fit a Captain that is up to 6'4" all the way to 5'4! The rear seat will adjust to fit riders under 4'8" and up to 6' plus. The flexibility in sizing helps this bike fit most any size. It is very comfortable and rides well. The long monotube frame flexes enough to smooth out bumpy roads making this an extremely comfortable. If you have not ridden one before, you will need to experience it for yourself.

This bike does NOT have Independent Pedaling System (IPS), but I love the under seat steering, which is very comfortable for long rides. This is also a very fast bike that is lightweight.

Included in the sale

Bonus - Windwrap Fairing

Windwrap Fairings transform your riding experience. Known for their durability and simple functionality, Windwrap Fairings add speed, weather protection, and superior optical clarity to your ride.

I have a carrier for sale, too, if you need one of those as well.

The original retail price was $3,800, but my price is just $1,250.

The bike is located in Carmel, IN. Local pick up, or I'm willing to work with a local dealer to pack and ship the bike at the buyer's expense.

For more information please call ThreeWon7-Three(Seven(9)-Nine {Zero] Ate Nein or Send an Email. (ASnyder and the numbers WonZero(4+1)) [at*} A O L [!dot) c0m)

Want to Buy - Rans Dynamik Duo Crank-Forward Tandem

March 5

I am looking to purchase a Rans Dynamik Duo crank-forward tandem in the standard size. I will pick it up within a 250 mile radius of Kingston, NY. Also, I have another tandem or single if you wish to trade.


For more information, please Send an Email. (tdechill (at] earthlink {dot) net).


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