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Rhine & Moselle Rivers Cycling Cruise 2022 - Santana Adventures

Date: December      Ad ID: TJGRO

Rhine & Moselle Rivers Cycling Cruise - Santana Adventures - July 27 to Aug 4, 2022

Due to an unforeseen situation, I am having to sell my fully paid Europe 9-days/8-nights cycling cruise trip for two next summer-July 27 to Aug 4, 2022. This trip with Santana Adventures is fully sold out. Riding on the final mile of the Tour de France has been a bonus feature this year. If you’re not familiar with Santana Adventures, they are first-class cycling trip tour operation. Santana trips sell out very quickly and typically have to be booked over a year in advance. (I booked in Jan 2021).

The price I paid for two that includes 1) the Strauss Stateroom (Mid-deck stateroom with roll-down panoramic window) + 2) Cruise extras (off-ship activities, port fees, admissions, and guides) was $10,598.

I have spoken directly with Santana and there are no issues selling the trip privately in this manner & changing the names on the booking with no hidden fees. This sort of thing happens more than you might think. If the transfer is made with a credit card, a 3.5% fee is charged-which would be my expense. At this point, I am selling the trip for the same price as I paid. Santana is willing to sell the trip for me (they have a waiting list), with a rather steep penalty which obviously I am trying to avoid.

Of course I would facilitate this transaction with you and Santana whatever is needed. Upon initial e-mail, I will provide you with my telephone number to call me with any questions. Thanks for your interest.

Trip details: https://santanaadventures.com/rhine-moselle-2022/

The trip is offered at $10,598, airfare not included.

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