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Co-Motion Periscope Scout 26

Date: June 25      Ad ID: MACYA

We purchased this Co-Motion Periscope Scout 26 new in June 2013 from Tandems Limited in Birmingham. Co-Motion's Periscope Scout 26 lets you accommodate riders of all ages, shapes and sizes. Its telescoping seat systems fit riders from 3-feet to over 6-feet tall, so the bike can grow with your family! This handmade-in-Oregon frame and fork are crafted from chromoly for stiff, efficient power transfer and excellent handling. The fine frame and fork make the PeriScope ready for everything from family fun to charity rides. Plus, the bike's equipped with a rear disc brake for stopping power and a fine mix of road and mountain bike components for riding on and off road, too!

My sons and I had a great time on this setup. When we did the majority of riding, my oldest son was eight and was the stoker (sits in the back). The bike does have crank shorteners on the rear crank that can be adjusted. Then, my 5 year old son would ride on the Burley Trailercyle. Either with or without the Burley Trailercycle, this is the best setup for a families as the dual telescoping seat posts can be adjusted for a rider from 3-feet to over 6-feet. There is more information on the Periscope Scout on the Co-Motion website.

The bike is in excellent shape, but it has been sitting idle in my garage the last couple of years. It does have a few knicks from regular use.

Also for sale separately... Yakima Sidewinder Rack $200 (special rack for tandems) and a Burley Piccolo 7-speed Trailercycle.

Price: $1,500.

Located in Destin, FL. I am willing to work with a potential buyer on shipping, but pickup will be easiest.

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