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Rare Mike Melton Custom Tandem

Date: October 5      Ad ID: 39535

This Mike Melton tandem was custom made for my wife and I by Mike Melton in 1981. The frame is in near mint condition. There are a couple nicks (stone chips) in the original paint, but only a few. The original paint and decals are mostly just as Mike produced it for us. It was created in his Delaware, OH shop. I have the original invoice as well.

After Mike Melton made the frame, I originally built the rest myself from components including building the wheels. The wheels have since been rebuilt and new brake levers replacing the original Mafac levers and flat bars replaced the stoker's dropped bars.

I will list the components that are currently configured, however, the real draw of this opportunity is the frame itself:

Components can be upgraded/replaced, but this frame is quite a gem. This frame was not a mass produced version, but hand built/supervised by Mike himself. Mike is no longer with us, but he was an innovator and leader of framebuilding in his era. Mike has Olympic gold as his legacy, and this frame was crafted by those same hands. Some of the leading cyclists of his time sought out and rode Mike Melton framesets. For more information about Mike go to this website.

I am asking $1,800 for this piece of tandem and bicycling history.

The location is in Dublin, OH. I can transport a reasonable distance, but long distance would be at buyers expense.

For the real Mike Melton afficiando, I have a single Mike Melton road frame that is my personal ride. I could make a package deal for someone that would like both a tandem and single road bike produced by Mike Melton. A photo of this bike is included in the photos linked above.

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