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Cannondale RT1000

Date: August 25      Ad ID: doc41

For three decades, Cannondale road tandem bicycles have been revered for their light weight, durability, and precise, flex-free handling. Their high-performance frames - made with large-diameter aluminum alloy tubes - are claimed to be 25% stiffer than tandem frames made of steel.

This Cannondale RT1000 frame was manufactured in 1999 with a labeled front seat tube length of 23" and a labeled rear seat tube length of 19". At that time, this frame was considered to be "Medium/Small" in size. Yet, by 2016 (the last year of its production), Cannondale considered its 23"/19" Road Tandem frame to be "Jumbo/Medium" in size, albeit after having tweaked frame geometries in the interim. Regardless of what relative size it might be, this bike's measured standover height is 31" in the front (for the "captain") and 28" in the rear (for the "stoker").

The bike has a few paint chips on the frame, scratches on some components, and surface rust on a bunch of bolts. At the end of last season, during a professional tune-up, the rear brake shoes, rear brake cable housing, and rear derailleur were replaced. The bike offers an excellent ride!

I am selling our tandem road bike only because my wife likes to see where she is going, so she prefers to ride on her own road bike when we ride together. Lacking the upper body strength to confidently captain this long landcraft, she safely serves as its stoker while I block her view of the road ahead. Offering an alternative view, the Cannondale Tandem Owner's Manual Supplement states that the stoker has the best seat in the house with views to each side as if riding on a train! Regardless of where the truth might sit, I hope that both your captain and your stoker fit as comfortably on this bike as do I (6'1") and my wife (5'7"), respectively.

SPECIFICATIONS (as best as I can tell):

You may read other owners' favorable reviews of this particular model at the RoadBikeReview website.

Price: $1,200. Cash only if picked up or delivered directly.

Transfer: Pick-up by purchaser preferred. Delivery anywhere between New Haven, CT and Bennington, VT is negotiable, as is delivery to a local bike shop for disassembling, packing and shipping at purchaser's expense.

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